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The top five reasons I may not quite be ready for an iPhone…

5. My kids have {talked} to SIRI already, and I don’t even know who SIRI is.

4. I was {literally} afraid to open the box after the FedEx guy delivered it…and I’m not talking about the iPhone box itself, I am talking about opening the box that housed the box that the iPhone was in.

3. I was scared to take it anywhere until I procured a case/skin/cover for it.

2. I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount for said case/skin/cover and I recalled seeing some at Ross. So I ventured over there and this was the only one I could find…



But for $5.99, I’ll take it.

Don’t laugh.

And the number ONE reason this gal might not quite be ready for a {smart phone}……..don’t laugh.

1. I wasn’t able to hear the person on the other end unless I hit {speaker}…I was a little frustrated since this was the same problem I recently had on my old phone, so I asked a trusty Verizon specialist, “Yes, I seem to be having difficulty hearing the person on the other end unless I put it on speaker.”

Trusty Verizon manager: “Yes, m’am…that is because you have not yet removed the protective film off your phone.”

Oh, yes. Of course.

I explained to her that I was afraid of getting a scratch on it. Or dust. Or germs.

At that point she offered to sell me a case, of course.

Little did she know Hello Kitty was waiting for me.



All that said, I am loving it…who knew Chick-fil-A has free wi-fi?

Check The Box

Well, hello!

How is your Tuesday after the long Memorial Day weekend?

Like this…..

or like this…

Please check the box that applies.

{Looks like the six year old got a pouty face for her birthday. The teenage years are going to be fuuuun, aren’t they?}


We had a nice weekend…as I mentioned, we had no set-in-stone plans, but managed to have some fun and be a little productive at the same time. You know, a BBQ here and carpet cleaning and trimming the dog’s nails there. It’s all good.

Only EIGHT more days of school. I must say it’ll be nice to hang out in our pj’s not have to rush every morning.

Hope your entry back into the real world hasn’t been too rough.

Gotta run ~ I have dishes in the sink looking for some attention.

Wake-Up Call



Last year’s Easter jammies covered in black raspberry preserves from this morning’s toast.

Outer space socks.

Soccer cleats.

Imagine what a wake-up call it was at 5:40am when I remembered we were out of coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts.

Cinnamon Vanilla La Creme.

An impromptu 68ยข {zero calorie} Cherry Limeade.

And I paid with my free $5 promo gift card.

That’s how I’m rollin’ this morning.

Bring on Friday the 13th!


Me, Myself & I

This morning was fabulous.

I had 3 hours to myself.

No calls from the school. No laundry. No vacuuming.

Just me, myself and I.

I ran some errands…picked up a few treasures and some goodies for Holden’s birthday.

I am attempting a {much} smaller version of this…



How cute is this Roxy dress I scored for Elliott {6 bucks!}…


Anxiously awaiting Spring!


And, yes, I did go back and pick up another pair of $4.48 gloves at Target:



Have you tried the new fruit & maple oatmeal at Mickey D’s?

It’s great for a quick breakie on the road…290 calories with 5 grams of fiber!

It really is {undeniably delicious}.


Remember this {Friends} episode:

There is a woman that I see every Tuesday/Thursday morning on the way to Holden’s school. She has a very {Phoebe-esque} running style and I always get a kick out of it ~ brings a smile to my face at 8:45am.


Hope your Tuesday involved a few laughs and some {YOU} time!

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Juice

Today Holden exchanged valentines at school.

The only red{ish} shirt that was clean was his plaid dress shirt. As I was ironing it this morning, Elliott pipes in, “You know how to do that, Mommy?”

Apparently she’s never seen me press anything…..uh, and maybe I haven’t pressed anything in the last 5 years and 9 months.

Yoga pants and tank tops don’t require an ironing board or spray starch, so yes, this would be part of my skill set that she has not yet witnessed.

{Thank you, Jay for doing your own ironing!}

At any rate, he looked beyond adorable in his {beautifully ironed} GAP shirt and spikey hairs…

LOVE this kid!

I asked him what his favorite part of school was today and he said…

“When I spilled my juice!”


Coming up tomorrow….father/daughter dance.

Precious. I can’t wait to see them off.

Now that will be something to cry over.

Pizza With A Side Of French Fries

I volunteered in Elliott’s class again today.

All I have to say is, if you’re a kindergarten teacher, you’re a saint.

I was assigned to the “yellow table” to help with an estimation exercise where the kiddos had a picture of a snowman and needed to estimate how many mini marshmallows it took to cover the snowman. They then put their estimation in the “guess” box, covered the snowman in marshmallows, removed and counted the marshmallows and finally reported the actual number of ‘mallows in the “check” box.

Easy right?

Bless their hearts…they did great, but all the friends at the table were counting too loud and at the same time and someone would inevitably get off on their counting and would have to start all over again.


Let’s just say that most were {a little} off…estimating is HARD. I was never any good at guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar anyway!


Most days {95% of the time} I pack Elliott’s lunch. Once in a blue moon she gets to buy {hot lunch} at school and this is a treat. Just so happened that today was a treat.


I was finishing up helping the teacher with some busy work when they went out to the lunch area. She desperately wanted me to come by the tables and say good bye and, of course, I did. She had already gone through the line and selected her lunch.

A slice of cheese pizza.

French fries.

A chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate milk. {Of course!}

The end.

I’d hate to map that meal out on the food pyramid.

I rest my case.

That is precisely why hot lunch comes along once in a blue moon.


Maybe 1st grade will bring some healthier hot lunch selections?

Hope your Thursday had at least ONE serving of fruits or veggies.


Fire Sale

I scored the sisal steal of the century yesterday.

8′ X 10.5′ black bordered 100% sisal rug for…drum roll, please…


At Ross.

{You can buy the one pictured above on for $449 or one similar at Pottery Barn for $299 ~ told ya it was a steal!}

I think I spent more than that {like $80, still a steal} at Home Goods for our much smaller one that we’ve had for going on 4 years. These rugs are great for homes with kids and pets. They hide dirt well and massage your feet at the same time!


Training update:

I did {for all intents and purposes} 9 miles this morning. Up at 5:45am {to charge my ipod} and out the door by 6:30! This will be my final long run before the race on December 5th. I will do some shorter runs {3-4 miles} next weekend and some elliptical the week before the run and then……showtime!

Each week I get a little more confident. My friend, Janet, who just completed her first FULL marathon {rockstar status!} introduced me to a term that I thought was hilarious ~ “wogging”: [verb] Not walking, but certainly not jogging!

I’m definitely a “wogger” instead of a runner. So, I guess you could say I’m a wogger AND a blogger!

LOVE it!

Happy Sunday fellow frugalistas {& woggers}!