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Me, Myself & I

This morning was fabulous.

I had 3 hours to myself.

No calls from the school. No laundry. No vacuuming.

Just me, myself and I.

I ran some errands…picked up a few treasures and some goodies for Holden’s birthday.

I am attempting a {much} smaller version of this…



How cute is this Roxy dress I scored for Elliott {6 bucks!}…


Anxiously awaiting Spring!


And, yes, I did go back and pick up another pair of $4.48 gloves at Target:



Have you tried the new fruit & maple oatmeal at Mickey D’s?

It’s great for a quick breakie on the road…290 calories with 5 grams of fiber!

It really is {undeniably delicious}.


Remember this {Friends} episode:

There is a woman that I see every Tuesday/Thursday morning on the way to Holden’s school. She has a very {Phoebe-esque} running style and I always get a kick out of it ~ brings a smile to my face at 8:45am.


Hope your Tuesday involved a few laughs and some {YOU} time!

22 Degrees

Nothing like a little cold air to wake you up on a Saturday morning!

By 9:00am, after a quick stop at the bagel shop, we were about 45 miles from home for a little early morning sledding.

It was gorgeous!

Last night we ran to the local children’s resale store and scored some snow pants for Elliott. They had ONE pair left in a size 6…perfect!

I love this one…

Do you like my mustard gloves? They were this week’s frugal find at TargĂ©…$4.48 {reg. $17.99}, and yes, they are leather. I bought them for the early morning walks to school and took a chance wearing them in the snow today. I thought for sure they would get ruined, but they held up fabulously and dried out nicely. My hands stayed surprisingly warm, too. They had TONS of pairs left…I think I need to go back and pick up another pair in turquoise suede…that is if they’re still there!


Looking forward to staying in and trying out a new recipe this evening. I know it’ll be one that I pass along….yum yum! Also looking forward to popping open that bottle of almond champagne from Valentine’s Day, as well.

Happy Saturday to you!