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How Sweet It Is

It’s Saturday and that means another fun {Hello, I Love You} link up with Heather @ Angel Face Designs.

This week’s prompt is :CANDY:

Have a seat…

let’s chat confections!


This beauty automatically makes me think of striped ribbon candy…gorgeous!

Vintage Candy Dish


Chic candy buffet


Hello, homemade York peppermint patties!


I adore these gumball necklaces…



Nothing better than old fashioned candies in apothecary or mason jars.



Visit today’s {Hello, I Love You} for more sugary sweetness!

Attack Of The Coconuts

I love coconut.

I think I lived on a tropical island in a previous life.

Here are some of my faves…..

I recently discoverd Silk Vanilla Coconut milk…

{delish in coffee and cereal! today I made blueberry steel cut oats and added a splash of this and a tablespoon of grated coconut ~ yum!}

I recently spotted these, too…

{no, I did not buy one, but I was tempted}

And, of course, Pinterest has oodles of sweet and savory recipes featuring coconut and coconut milk.


{coconut pancakes ~ perfect for summer!}

{quadruple coconut layer cake ~ I’ll be making this for my birthday}


{oven roasted corn in chile coconut milk!}

{skinny coconut shrimp}

Not to mention coconut cheesecake, coconut macaroons, coconut chicken, coconut rice, coconut ice cream, coconut curry…..

My mother-in-law makes the best macaroons and dips them in chocolate ganache ~ like a fancy Mounds!

OK, all this coconut talk is making me hungry….better get my mind off it and go vacuum.

Happy Humpday!


If you’re also hooked on coconuts, what are some of your favorite products or recipes?

Countdown To Fall

7 days ’til the fabulosity that is FALL!

Counting down with some autumnal goodness….

{pumpkin spice latte martini}

{candy corn bark}

{lots and lots of football ~ chargers, aztecs & bruins espesh! [image via]}

{a gorgeous fall mantel like this}

{this on our front door}

{taking our little goblins trick-or-treating ~ tj maxx hooked me up with the [cutest] mummy costume for holden}

{dipping apple slices, graham crackers and ginger snaps in this pumpkin pie dip}


Today I saw one brown leaf dancing it’s way to the ground in the breeze and my heart did a cartwheel.

CANNOT wait to bust out the Uggs and scarves for our morning walks to school.

Getting ready to gather pine cones and acorns on my Tuesday/Thursday morning hikes for our mantel display.

Making a permanent spot for the Crock Pot on the kitchen counter for slow cooked comfort meals.

Reserving my first pumpkin spice latte for a morning that actually calls for it ~ there’s got to be that nip in the air.

Did I mention that I LOVE me some Fall?


Happy Friday!


This week’s inspiration over at Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop is {the beach}.

Even though I absolutely loved our Fall wedding, I often thought tying the knot in one of the summer months on or near the beach would be ever so dreamy.

This floral arrangement is unreal…


Love this fun, casual, vintage inspired wedding…


…or this chic seaside set up…



I could be inspired by the shore all day long.

Click on over and see more beachy inspiration!

These Are A Few Of My Favorite {Springs}

Seersucker Pants:


Cadbury Mini Eggs:




Orange Flats:


Ruffled Scarves:


Filling Easter Baskets:


Lemon Chex Mix:


Simple, Old-fashioned Egg Dye:

Open Windows:


Floral Headbands:



So far our Spring has been a wet one…seven inches of rain on Sunday!

Looking forward to opening the windows and feeling that breeze again.

Spring Havaianas Giveaway coming up real soon….

Happy Tuesday!

What I’m Dreaming Of Wednesday {Holiday Edition}

No, it’s not going to be a White Christmas here in So Cal, but I am already dreaming of all my holiday favorites.

I know we still need to give thanks, roast our turkeys and prepare all the accoutrements, but I promised myself again this year that I am going to plan ahead, get things done early, brace myself and ENJOY every minute of the holidays.

I’m dreaming of {in no particular order}…

Taking the kids to see Santa:


Sipping Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate:

Holiday Shopping:




Christmas Lights:


Giving to those in need:

Sending out Christmas cards:

Wrapping & delivering gifts:

{Country Living}

Picking out our annual personalized ornaments:


Christmas Music:


Watching this:

Decorating the house:

Toasted Panettone on Christmas morning:


Spending moments with family & friends:

I love this quote…but I believe there’s a typo, no?


SIX weeks from this Saturday…..

Bring on the red & green, the peppermint, the gingerbread, the egg nog, the sparkles, the wreaths, the garlands, the pine cones…bring on the holiday cheer!

What are you wishing for on this Wednesday?

Flip Flop’s Fall Faves

Happy September 1st!

FALL is my most favorite {I know “most favorite” is redundant, but that’s how much I LOVE it!} season.

Hands down.

I made sure our wedding was in October.

It just had to be.

Maybe it’s because it leads to my most fave holiday time, Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Maybe it’s because I celebrate an autumn birthday.

Maybe it’s the comfort food.

Maybe it’s the beginning of days of “bundling up”.

Flannel pajamas. Cozy coats.

Not sure exactly WHY I fall for Fall, but I do.

And here are just some of the reasons why…

{Celebrating another year of marriage}

{Candles for when it starts getting dark before 5pm!}

{Rosy lips glistening with berry goodness}

{Spicy morning treat laced with caffeine}

{Hearty soups, stews & one pot meals}


{Annual trip to the pun’kin patch}

{Comfy, cozy Uggs ~ I’m getting a REAL pair this year!}

{Seeing the red, orange & yellow leaves covering the trees and watching them float down in the Fall breeze}

{Trick or Treat!}

…and then there is always this:

{Meeting a new teacher and new friends. Wearing new school clothes. A new pair of shoes. New backpack and lunch box. School supplies.}

Already trying to enjoy a bit the season that is upon us.

Officially 22 more {long} days, though!

Bob Your Head

Reggae screams Summer to me.

I’d learn to play the steel drums, too, if I could.

I wanted a steel drum band at our wedding…


I am LOVING the new Reggae station on Sonic {the old Sirius, I guess??}.

Channel 863 on Direct TV.

Perfect for Sunday morning household chores…

Turning The Corner

This week is off to a MUCH better start.

Thank goodness.

If things didn’t change from last week, it was going to be a LONG, and not in a good way, summer!

Today we packed a quick picnic of ‘wiches, cantaloupe and graham crackers and headed to the pool.

The 1.5 foot deep baby pool was wide open and we staked our claim.


I pulled my lounge chair into partial shade, kicked my feet up and chatted with Hollie while the kiddos splashed, dove and played with the noodle.

It was perfect.

They were safe & happy.

I was relaxed & happy.

A wonderful combination for both parties I must say.

We’ve GOT to do that more often.

I’ve always been nervous to take two non-swimmers to the pool, but if we stay in the kiddie pool, it’s all good in the ‘hood.

They get worn out and I get a break along with a little color.

Hollie kept an eye on Holden while I took the girls into the big pool. Elliott and I practiced her swimming and I am so pleased that she is becoming stronger and stronger and will be on her own by summer’s end, I’m sure.

The icing on the cake was that they exited the pool, dried off, changed and walked to the car without fuss.

Shangri-La, I tell you.

The rest of this week and next week is full so I am certain that we are truly turning the corner and on our way to a HAPPY summer.

Just the way it should be.

{Pooped after the pool}


Speaking of HAPPY, check out this sweet, vintage PANCAKE wedding reception!

Such an inexpensive & creative idea…especially since they shared their first date over a stack of pancakes!

So sweet and dripping with maple syrupy goodness.

Love it. Breakfast At Sunset.

Thinking outside the box.

Pure genius.

I want to recreate this oasis in my back patio and eat all our summer meals there! I love the whole “bringing the inside out” look. May just look for an old kitchen table and mismatched chairs at the next community garage sale!

And that old, shabby chic bench…………..


I was going to have Taco Tuesday tonight with some homemade Taco Bell inspired tacos with seasoned ground beef and crispy corn shells……but, I didn’t feel like running to the store and chancing taking the wind out of my Tuesday sails, so we had hamburger hot dogs and cantaloupe instead.

I just took about a pound of ground beef, mixed it with half a grated red onion, an egg white and this seasoning mix.

We had one hamburger bun and 4 hot dog buns, so I formed the “patties” accordingly:

{I know…this pic is a little disturbing. No jokes, please!}

Just fire up your barbie or pull out your grill pan and cook these babies up. Place on the corresponding bun and garnish with your favorite hot dog/burger toppings. We used ketchup, mustard, minced onion and jalapeƱos. They would be delish as chili cheese hot dog burgers, as well!

Anyway, it’s fun to switch it up a bit and save yourself a trip to the store at the same time!

Plus, there are plenty more summer Tuesdays for tacos.


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ 2.22.10

2 cups coffee with 4 tbsp. creamer: 4 points

3/4 cup Kashi cereal with 1/2 cup organic lowfat milk: 3.5 points

2 cups cantaloupe: 2 pts.

turkey and light cheddar with mustard on sandwich thin: 4 points

1 small bag mini Oreos: 3 points

2 graham crackers: 3 points {Snacky Snackerson today! ;-( }

1/4 lb. hamburger & bun: 6 points

Total points: 25.5

Workout: Zilch, Zip, Nada

{Shame on me!}