Attack Of The Coconuts

I love coconut.

I think I lived on a tropical island in a previous life.

Here are some of my faves…..

I recently discoverd Silk Vanilla Coconut milk…

{delish in coffee and cereal! today I made blueberry steel cut oats and added a splash of this and a tablespoon of grated coconut ~ yum!}

I recently spotted these, too…

{no, I did not buy one, but I was tempted}

And, of course, Pinterest has oodles of sweet and savory recipes featuring coconut and coconut milk.


{coconut pancakes ~ perfect for summer!}

{quadruple coconut layer cake ~ I’ll be making this for my birthday}


{oven roasted corn in chile coconut milk!}

{skinny coconut shrimp}

Not to mention coconut cheesecake, coconut macaroons, coconut chicken, coconut rice, coconut ice cream, coconut curry…..

My mother-in-law makes the best macaroons and dips them in chocolate ganache ~ like a fancy Mounds!

OK, all this coconut talk is making me hungry….better get my mind off it and go vacuum.

Happy Humpday!


If you’re also hooked on coconuts, what are some of your favorite products or recipes?

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