Flip Flop’s Fall Faves

Happy September 1st!

FALL is my most favorite {I know “most favorite” is redundant, but that’s how much I LOVE it!} season.

Hands down.

I made sure our wedding was in October.

It just had to be.

Maybe it’s because it leads to my most fave holiday time, Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Maybe it’s because I celebrate an autumn birthday.

Maybe it’s the comfort food.

Maybe it’s the beginning of days of “bundling up”.

Flannel pajamas. Cozy coats.

Not sure exactly WHY I fall for Fall, but I do.

And here are just some of the reasons why…

{Celebrating another year of marriage}

{Candles for when it starts getting dark before 5pm!}

{Rosy lips glistening with berry goodness}

{Spicy morning treat laced with caffeine}

{Hearty soups, stews & one pot meals}


{Annual trip to the pun’kin patch}

{Comfy, cozy Uggs ~ I’m getting a REAL pair this year!}

{Seeing the red, orange & yellow leaves covering the trees and watching them float down in the Fall breeze}

{Trick or Treat!}

…and then there is always this:

{Meeting a new teacher and new friends. Wearing new school clothes. A new pair of shoes. New backpack and lunch box. School supplies.}

Already trying to enjoy a bit the season that is upon us.

Officially 22 more {long} days, though!

3 thoughts on “Flip Flop’s Fall Faves”

  1. Awww…thanks for reminding me of all of the pleasantness that fall brings. Remembering your wedding fondly…you made such a beautiful bride and make an even more beautiful wife and mommy. Happy fall!

  2. Amy, I too LOVE this season the most – for all of the reasons you listed. (I am an official pumpkin addict!) Thanks for sharing the love for all things FALL!!!

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