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What I’m Dreaming Of Wednesday {Holiday Edition}

No, it’s not going to be a White Christmas here in So Cal, but I am already dreaming of all my holiday favorites.

I know we still need to give thanks, roast our turkeys and prepare all the accoutrements, but I promised myself again this year that I am going to plan ahead, get things done early, brace myself and ENJOY every minute of the holidays.

I’m dreaming of {in no particular order}…

Taking the kids to see Santa:


Sipping Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate:

Holiday Shopping:




Christmas Lights:


Giving to those in need:

Sending out Christmas cards:

Wrapping & delivering gifts:

{Country Living}

Picking out our annual personalized ornaments:


Christmas Music:


Watching this:

Decorating the house:

Toasted Panettone on Christmas morning:


Spending moments with family & friends:

I love this quote…but I believe there’s a typo, no?


SIX weeks from this Saturday…..

Bring on the red & green, the peppermint, the gingerbread, the egg nog, the sparkles, the wreaths, the garlands, the pine cones…bring on the holiday cheer!

What are you wishing for on this Wednesday?

Flip Flop’s Fall Faves

Happy September 1st!

FALL is my most favorite {I know “most favorite” is redundant, but that’s how much I LOVE it!} season.

Hands down.

I made sure our wedding was in October.

It just had to be.

Maybe it’s because it leads to my most fave holiday time, Thanksgiving through Christmas.

Maybe it’s because I celebrate an autumn birthday.

Maybe it’s the comfort food.

Maybe it’s the beginning of days of “bundling up”.

Flannel pajamas. Cozy coats.

Not sure exactly WHY I fall for Fall, but I do.

And here are just some of the reasons why…

{Celebrating another year of marriage}

{Candles for when it starts getting dark before 5pm!}

{Rosy lips glistening with berry goodness}

{Spicy morning treat laced with caffeine}

{Hearty soups, stews & one pot meals}


{Annual trip to the pun’kin patch}

{Comfy, cozy Uggs ~ I’m getting a REAL pair this year!}

{Seeing the red, orange & yellow leaves covering the trees and watching them float down in the Fall breeze}

{Trick or Treat!}

…and then there is always this:

{Meeting a new teacher and new friends. Wearing new school clothes. A new pair of shoes. New backpack and lunch box. School supplies.}

Already trying to enjoy a bit the season that is upon us.

Officially 22 more {long} days, though!