Countdown To Fall

7 days ’til the fabulosity that is FALL!

Counting down with some autumnal goodness….

{pumpkin spice latte martini}

{candy corn bark}

{lots and lots of football ~ chargers, aztecs & bruins espesh! [image via]}

{a gorgeous fall mantel like this}

{this on our front door}

{taking our little goblins trick-or-treating ~ tj maxx hooked me up with the [cutest] mummy costume for holden}

{dipping apple slices, graham crackers and ginger snaps in this pumpkin pie dip}


Today I saw one brown leaf dancing it’s way to the ground in the breeze and my heart did a cartwheel.

CANNOT wait to bust out the Uggs and scarves for our morning walks to school.

Getting ready to gather pine cones and acorns on my Tuesday/Thursday morning hikes for our mantel display.

Making a permanent spot for the Crock Pot on the kitchen counter for slow cooked comfort meals.

Reserving my first pumpkin spice latte for a morning that actually calls for it ~ there’s got to be that nip in the air.

Did I mention that I LOVE me some Fall?


Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Countdown To Fall”

  1. Can I please, please, please be your partner in crime when it’s time for your pumpkin spice latte? I have not had my first one yet either and I’m planning on the full fat with whipped cream version and I’d love to share the first of the season with you!!!

  2. But of course! The full fat/whipped cream version sounds perfect! But don’t tell Jillian! 😉 Maybe in a couple weeks or is that too far away? 😉 Let’s get it on the calendar….a Tuesday or Thursday morning would be great so I can come solo. XOXO

  3. Let’s do Thursday!!! I can be solo then, too!!! I work in Nick’s class from 8:30 to 9:40 and can meet you right after that. How about October 13th???

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