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Holden’s summer camp theme this week was {Winter In July}.

{there he is in the lime green shirt}

Thanks to my friend, Sandra, who alerted me that this pic was on our local paper’s on-line alert. Unfortunately they got his name wrong in the little write up.

But how refreshing does this look….snow cones anyone?

Happy Friday!

Electrical Box Boogie

Please pause the music to fully enjoy the short video below. Thanks!


Gramma is visiting today.

She’s nice and says, “Yes!” to the ice cream man.

I am mean and say, “No, not today” every. single. day. Our ice cream man comes rain, shine, snow, sleet or hail. He’s faithful like that.

Today was the first day ever that they got to pick something out of the old beat up van…Elliott, a snow cone and Holden, a Spiderman popsicle thingy with gum ball eyes.

{Did you know that Spiderman’s real name is Peter Parker? That was news to me…}

Gramma is so fun. It’s a treat to have her here during the week. Lots of fun was to be had this afternoon.

I am more strict on school days.

Homework. Homework. Homework. Sight words. Sight words. Sight words. Journal. Journal. Journal. Spelling. Spelling. Spelling.

I need to relax a little more and not be such a drag. I need to get up and do the {electrical box boogie}…

Love the hip action. This little {five and three quarter} year old is too much.

She’s receiving a special award in the morning.

Can’t wait to see my sweet girl walk across the stage and accept it.

Sweet dreams on this Tuesday evening!


22 Degrees

Nothing like a little cold air to wake you up on a Saturday morning!

By 9:00am, after a quick stop at the bagel shop, we were about 45 miles from home for a little early morning sledding.

It was gorgeous!

Last night we ran to the local children’s resale store and scored some snow pants for Elliott. They had ONE pair left in a size 6…perfect!

I love this one…

Do you like my mustard gloves? They were this week’s frugal find at TargĂ©…$4.48 {reg. $17.99}, and yes, they are leather. I bought them for the early morning walks to school and took a chance wearing them in the snow today. I thought for sure they would get ruined, but they held up fabulously and dried out nicely. My hands stayed surprisingly warm, too. They had TONS of pairs left…I think I need to go back and pick up another pair in turquoise suede…that is if they’re still there!


Looking forward to staying in and trying out a new recipe this evening. I know it’ll be one that I pass along….yum yum! Also looking forward to popping open that bottle of almond champagne from Valentine’s Day, as well.

Happy Saturday to you!

Easy Come, Easy Go

Well, just like a Vegas jackpot, the {Valencia blizzard of 2011} came in just as fast as it went out.

No white stuff on the grass or BBQ this morning…the news was predicting a possible 1-2 inches overnight in the SCV. Not so.

It was fun though.

Never thought I’d be able to say that I went to the store for dog food and deodorant in the snow!

I don’t think we’ll be having an official {snow day} any time soon, but it was sure a treat while it lasted.

A little excitement on 1.2.11, that’s for sure!


Hope your first full week of 2011 is full of a surprise or two.

Just For The Record…

…my fake Ugg boots (“Fuggs”) that I purchased from Ross for $16.99 kept my feet perfectly dry & warm during our trip to the snow last weekend! I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had fallen apart after trudging through at least a foot of snow, BUT….

I now want a real pair. I bought the cheapo pair first because I wasn’t sure if I was Ugg-wearin’ material (with a blog called flipflopfollies and all) but I LOVE them and can’t wait to graduate to my first “real” pair!

Can’t decide between the classic camel color or a nice chocolate brown pair………hmmmmm?

Maybe one of each.

A “PW” Weekend

Wow! I’m recovering from another awesome weekend.

A “PW” weekend, if you will…

It consisted of “P”lentiful “W”orkouts….

….all because of several “P”ioneer “W”oman recipes that I tried.

We took a little drive and played in some “P”owdery “W”hite!

There were a couple “P”igskin “W”ins to determine this year’s Superbowlers.

So I guess you could say that it was a “P”erfectly “W”onderful weekend!

On Saturday night I made Pioneer Woman’s “most favorite burger ever (for now)”. You can find the recipe here.

They were delish and a nice departure from the turkey burgers with cheddar and horseradish that I’ve been making for the past few years now! Jay was pleased that I finally made some HAMburgers with real ground BEEF!

Here is a “before” pic:

Um, let me just say that what you see above is 2 pounds of meat…PW uses 2 pounds of meat for TWO burgers! What? I mean I know cowboys work hard and all and can put some food away, but WOW! Those’d be some GRANDE burgers! Half pounders are MORE than enough for us!

Here is the “in process” pic:

And, my friends, here is the “after” pic when these babies are all dressed up and ready to go:

Please don’t tell PW that I served her fave burgers with Ore Ida Seasoned Crinkle Fries! Shhhhh!

I tell you, I have a whole new appreciation for the Kaiser Roll! I usually use toasted english muffins for my burgers, but kaisers are a tad crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside! I followed PW’s orders and buttered and toasted them and OMG! Sorry, little english muffins, but these were fantastic and the tabasco mayo, caramelized onions and bleu cheese put them over the top. I used fresh baby spinach as my “green” just so I could feel like there was some sort of healthy component to this meal!

After this scrumptous dinner, I ran to Target to get Holden some boots for the snow since we had a little mini road trip planned for Sunday morning. This is what I found:

Lovin’ all the Paul Frank stuff at one of my favorite stores these days!

I got up early Sunday morning and made some Monkey Bread. Another evil concoction that PW has on her blog!

Now this stuff is like a drug so be careful!

After we ate the sinful Monkey Bread, we headed to Frazier Park for some fun in the snow!

It was a blast and only about 45 minutes away!

And the weekend wouldn’t be complete without me trying PW’s Quesadillas de Camarones.

The quesadillas were good…Jay said the shrimp was “not evident”…hmmm, I think the camarones should be evident in a quesadilla named after them so next time I’ll add more of the little critters. He also wasn’t a big fan of the green salsa, so next time maybe some homemade red salsa to go alongside. After indulging in the monkey bread earlier in the day, I felt guilty about adding butter to the pan to brown and crisp up the tortillas…but I had to follow PW’s orders. Next time I may try to make them a little more figure friendly….I tried to go a little lighter on the queso, too. But overall, they were good!

I also made some quacamole….I can’t blame PW for that. That was all MY doing, unfortunately.


2 ripe avocados

1/4 onion (red or white), minced

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 small tomato, seeded & chopped

bunch cilantro, chopped

juice of 1 lime or 1/2 lemon

salt & pepper to taste

dash cumin

That’s it! Mix it all up and dig in with your favorite tortilla chips.

I think I’ll have to incorporate more “P”lentiful “W”orkouts into this week’s agenda because there are a couple other visions of yumminess I’d like to try on PW’s blog…it’s a vicious cycle!