Electrical Box Boogie

Please pause the music to fully enjoy the short video below. Thanks!


Gramma is visiting today.

She’s nice and says, “Yes!” to the ice cream man.

I am mean and say, “No, not today” every. single. day. Our ice cream man comes rain, shine, snow, sleet or hail. He’s faithful like that.

Today was the first day ever that they got to pick something out of the old beat up van…Elliott, a snow cone and Holden, a Spiderman popsicle thingy with gum ball eyes.

{Did you know that Spiderman’s real name is Peter Parker? That was news to me…}

Gramma is so fun. It’s a treat to have her here during the week. Lots of fun was to be had this afternoon.

I am more strict on school days.

Homework. Homework. Homework. Sight words. Sight words. Sight words. Journal. Journal. Journal. Spelling. Spelling. Spelling.

I need to relax a little more and not be such a drag. I need to get up and do the {electrical box boogie}…

Love the hip action. This little {five and three quarter} year old is too much.

She’s receiving a special award in the morning.

Can’t wait to see my sweet girl walk across the stage and accept it.

Sweet dreams on this Tuesday evening!


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  1. All yours and Jay’s hard work is paying off! Having Elliott do homework before she can go outside (for a snow cone, of course) is how she got an award today! Stay strong! Geniuses are in bloom!

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