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Clown Shoes

We went bowling today.

It was kind of cold and dreary…

a good day for some indoor fun.

The kids looked adorable in their zapatos.

{Holden looked like he was wearing a cute pair of See Kais}

I, on the other hand, looked like I was wearing a pair of Bozo’s kicks ~ size 10 and bowling shoes DO NOT jive.

But goofy shoes or not, we had a good time.

All I can say is thank goodness for bumpers. They’re GREAT self-esteem builders for littles on their bowling debuts.

I think we all enjoyed it more than miniature golf…

However, I think I enjoyed it the most…

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!


Hope your Sunday was a {ball}!

Easy Come, Easy Go

Well, just like a Vegas jackpot, the {Valencia blizzard of 2011} came in just as fast as it went out.

No white stuff on the grass or BBQ this morning…the news was predicting a possible 1-2 inches overnight in the SCV. Not so.

It was fun though.

Never thought I’d be able to say that I went to the store for dog food and deodorant in the snow!

I don’t think we’ll be having an official {snow day} any time soon, but it was sure a treat while it lasted.

A little excitement on 1.2.11, that’s for sure!


Hope your first full week of 2011 is full of a surprise or two.