Me, Myself & I

This morning was fabulous.

I had 3 hours to myself.

No calls from the school. No laundry. No vacuuming.

Just me, myself and I.

I ran some errands…picked up a few treasures and some goodies for Holden’s birthday.

I am attempting a {much} smaller version of this…



How cute is this Roxy dress I scored for Elliott {6 bucks!}…


Anxiously awaiting Spring!


And, yes, I did go back and pick up another pair of $4.48 gloves at Target:



Have you tried the new fruit & maple oatmeal at Mickey D’s?

It’s great for a quick breakie on the road…290 calories with 5 grams of fiber!

It really is {undeniably delicious}.


Remember this {Friends} episode:

There is a woman that I see every Tuesday/Thursday morning on the way to Holden’s school. She has a very {Phoebe-esque} running style and I always get a kick out of it ~ brings a smile to my face at 8:45am.


Hope your Tuesday involved a few laughs and some {YOU} time!

One thought on “Me, Myself & I”

  1. Amy – I always love reading your blog. It always puts a smile on my face! Funny that you mentioned the McDonald’s oatmeal. I NEVER go to McDonald’s, but the other day we were drving back from San Diego in the morning and were super hungry. Dave really wanted some sort of breakfast thing from there so I ended up getting the oatmeal – so good!! It is the perfect little snack when I am in a pinch. Good to know it is not too bad for you – I was kind of scared to look.
    I hope that all is well with you!

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