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Pizza With A Side Of French Fries

I volunteered in Elliott’s class again today.

All I have to say is, if you’re a kindergarten teacher, you’re a saint.

I was assigned to the “yellow table” to help with an estimation exercise where the kiddos had a picture of a snowman and needed to estimate how many mini marshmallows it took to cover the snowman. They then put their estimation in the “guess” box, covered the snowman in marshmallows, removed and counted the marshmallows and finally reported the actual number of ‘mallows in the “check” box.

Easy right?

Bless their hearts…they did great, but all the friends at the table were counting too loud and at the same time and someone would inevitably get off on their counting and would have to start all over again.


Let’s just say that most were {a little} off…estimating is HARD. I was never any good at guessing how many jelly beans were in the jar anyway!


Most days {95% of the time} I pack Elliott’s lunch. Once in a blue moon she gets to buy {hot lunch} at school and this is a treat. Just so happened that today was a treat.


I was finishing up helping the teacher with some busy work when they went out to the lunch area. She desperately wanted me to come by the tables and say good bye and, of course, I did. She had already gone through the line and selected her lunch.

A slice of cheese pizza.

French fries.

A chocolate chip cookie.

Chocolate milk. {Of course!}

The end.

I’d hate to map that meal out on the food pyramid.

I rest my case.

That is precisely why hot lunch comes along once in a blue moon.


Maybe 1st grade will bring some healthier hot lunch selections?

Hope your Thursday had at least ONE serving of fruits or veggies.



I volunteered in Elliott’s class this morning for a couple hours.

I gotta give Kindergarten teachers everywhere PROPS.

Man, those are some BIG zapatos to fill!

I don’t know if I could do it…so many wee ones with all sorts of energy and curiosity.

After a Patriot’s Day ceremony out in the school yard I was put to work filling cubbies with colorful crayoned worksheets with darling stick figures, info on “Share Day” and homework packets.

It was fun to hear the “circle” goings on ~ news about the class “Superstar”, the weather, the day of the week, practicing syllables with claps.

The little cuties would ask me for help every once in awhile…

“Can you please tie my dress?”

“Can you please hold this for me?”

“Can you please zip up my sweatshirt?”

“Can you please tie my dress again?”

So sweet {and polite!}.

My favorite was the little darling that was “in charge” of tidying up the tables after a little art project by facing all the glue in the same direction and lining it up in the caddies just so. {TOTALLY something I would do!}

{image source}

It was 2 quick hours, but I learned SO much.

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Routine. Routine. Routine.

Just 4 short weeks ago these boys and girls didn’t know each other and entered a whole new chapter of their lives.

They’ve already come SO far.

New friendships. New rules. New traditions.

I loved the way all the 25 teeny-tiny voices sung, “Good morning, Mrs. Aspiras” and ‘Thank You, Mrs. Aspiras”.

A big THANK YOU to ALL teachers out there!

I admire you and I thoroughly enjoyed helping out with Mrs. H’s busy little bees today.

I’ll be buzzing in again in a couple weeks!