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New Gadget

We needed another kitchen gadget/appliance like we need a hole in the head, but after several IG donut posts featuring perfectly round mini glazed donuts topped off with sprinkles, {the Easter Bunny} thought it’d be fun to skip the donut shoppe and make our own on Saturday and/or Sunday mornings!

You, too, can craft homemade circles of love with a quick trip to your local Target…


This Sunbeam Donut Maker was on clearance for 50% off last week for just $15. It gets fabulous reviews as seen here.

The basic batter is surprisingly easy to prepare and I happened to have everything on-hand including the glaze ingredients {just powdered sugar & milk}.


From what I understand, just about any muffin {not cake} mix will work here. I’ve heard rumors from this girl that you can make cinnamon toast crunch donuts with this mix…


Yes, please.

Since we’re on Spring Break, we may have fired this baby up once or twice to experiment…


The opportunities are endless with these things. It comes with a few recipes in the manual, but any thicker muffin-type batter would work.

I’m thinking blueberry donuts with a lemon glaze.

Or a simple cinnamon sugar.

Pumpkin for the Fall or gingerbread for the holidays.

Please stop me.


Just don’t forget your coffee to go alongside.

Happy Spring Break….or what’s left of it!


Wake-Up Call



Last year’s Easter jammies covered in black raspberry preserves from this morning’s toast.

Outer space socks.

Soccer cleats.

Imagine what a wake-up call it was at 5:40am when I remembered we were out of coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts.

Cinnamon Vanilla La Creme.

An impromptu 68ยข {zero calorie} Cherry Limeade.

And I paid with my free $5 promo gift card.

That’s how I’m rollin’ this morning.

Bring on Friday the 13th!


{D} Day

My Wednesday started off taking this little guy to Elliott’s classroom:

{This pic is from several Christmases ago, but he wore the same collar today}

It’s share day and this week’s letter is “D”.

Dog. Dachshund.

She wanted to share Rascal SOOOO bad so last week I sent her teacher an e-mail to see if this would be OK {afterall, one of her little classmates shared a snake for “S’ week!}

{Rassy sitting with Elliott earlier this year when she was under the weather}

I hadn’t heard anything back until yesterday when I got the OK to share Rascal first thing this morning.


It’s the LAST thing I wanted to do.

But, Elliott was so excited. How could I say, “no”?

I had to wake Holden from a deep sleep and drag him in his buggie jammies to E’s class. I’m sure I was a sight carrying a wiener dog in a Santa collar with a pajama’d 3-year old in tow.

However, Rascal was a gentleman and behaved beautifully. He let all 25 kids pet him and got lots of sniffs and kisses in.

Elliott demonstrated how Rascal sits and waits for a treat and answered a couple classmate’s questions and Pajama Boy, Rassy and I were off!

Oh, and I had to bribe Holden to get him out the door ~ so it was off to the {d}onut shop we went!


How did YOUR Wednesday start out?