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Thursday This & That

I think I’ve finally figured out what color I want to paint this:


I plan on sanding and painting my little heart out this weekend.


We went to the new cupcake shoppe in town this afternoon, Velvet Cupcakes.

I saved mine and am going to enjoy it in peace and quiet this evening after the kiddos are fast asleep.

I got my old faithful, Vanilla…


Elliott decided to help promote my fundraising efforts.

She made this sign for the front door…

Her words:

“I’m gonna tape this on the door so people can come and see your lamp and buy your roses and you can be a little rich!”

Oh the precious things that come out of their mouths…

{she’s referring to this lamp}


I made TJ’s Thai red curry for dinner this evening.

I just sauteƩd some onions, carrots, red & orange peppers, a little potato and some diced chicken tenderloins and then added the sauce and simmered for about 20 minutes. I threw in some frozen peas the last few minutes and served with a mix of basmati & brown rice.

It was fairly authentic and pretty spicy, but I am a curry girl through and through and love a true Thai curry dish every so often. This is a good, quick week night meal that will semi-curb your cravings. We usually get the yellow curry, but I think I like this a bit better since it brings some heat!


Happy Veteran’s Day!

Thank you and God Bless all who have served and are currently serving our country.

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden

…or maybe I did.

Check out all these rolled rosettes I’ve made…

I’m hooked!

It’s so fun to see each of them take shape. You cannot mess them up. That’s what I love about them….just when you think you did a wrong twist or turn, it looks good. The more random you are, the better they look!

I also bought some pin backs and have glue gun’d them on some and am going to put little magnets on others to dress up the fridge or anything else metal!

My plan is to make them for teachers, doctor’s office staff, my hair lady, etc. with a little holiday treat attached.

Why didn’t I start making these sooner?

I never really {enjoyed} Joann’s, but I can’t wait to go back and get some holiday fabric.

They would look darling dangling from the Christmas tree, too….

I’m loving the bright, cheery, sunshiny yellow ones!


I volunteered in Elliott’s classroom again this morning.

I tell ya, it was Elmer’s glue gone wild! But I love watching them craft their little hearts out ~ today was an orange cat for this week’s letter “Cc”.

One little classmate cutie ran up to me and said, “Mrs. Asparagus, I have the lunch box that matches Elliott’s backpack!”

So. Cute.

I love it…”Mrs. Asparagus”.

This is a BUSY week for the kindergartners….Red Ribbon week {yes, they’re already learning about “drugs”!}, basketball assembly today, costume parade Thursday, field trip to the pumpkin patch AND Fall Festival on Friday!


Not to mention Holden’s party and parade on Thursday….

But, I DID talk Elliott into being Dorothy for her school parade and the Fall Festival! I found a little blue and white gingham dress at Target on clearance and she agreed to wear it, but NOT for trick-or-treating {she still wants to go door-to-door as a ballerina} Fine, I’ll take it! šŸ˜‰

We’re currently sourcing a little basket and a small “Toto” dog.


Hope you’re having a {rosey} Tuesday!


I’ll let you decide if our haunted gingerbread house was or was not built to code…


While our house was a hot mess, my toes are just plain HAUTE!

Gramma treated to pedis this afternoon….I chose OPI’s “Suzi Skis In The Pyrenees”…

{Image source}

I tend to be right in the middle of trendy and traditional, but had to go {almost black} for October’s Sin City trip, the “BIG” birthday and Halloween.


Thanks, Mom!


Pumpkin Patch wrap-up maƱana!

Top Secret Coffee-mate Encounter & Dog The Bounty Hunter Wanna-be

I have a known love for Coffee-mate creamers.

I just discovered the holiday line is out at my local Pavilions…I picked up “Gingerbread Latte” {not the same as regular gingerbread?!?} and Sugar & Spice.

Apparently Pavilions has the inside scoop because these 2 flavors aren’t even on their website yet.

I might be just a little excited.

OK, lame lactose-free, flavored java additive high now over…

…onto bigger things…

and when I say bigger, I mean BIGGER.

A mullet the size of Texas.

I just ran into Dog The Bounty Hunter.

I spotted him while picking out my romaine and then did a double and triple take while gently squeezing my avocados.

I mean it HAD to be him, right?

Semi-business ‘do up front and a RAGING party in the back. That guy must go through his fair share of conditioner.

{image source}

Well, come to find out, per the checker, he’s an impersonator.

I {almost} saw my third “famous” person since moving to LA County…the first being Steve O and the second being Derek J from the RH of Atlanta.

Wow, I need to change my hangouts…I have a way less than stellar celebrity sighting resumĆ©.

Why can’t I bump into Taylor or Tori?


Pumpkin patch and gingerbread haunted house decorating this weekend…

Hope your Saturday & Sunday are filled with all things FALL.


Good Times

Today’s post was going to be focused on {aka venting} the challenges of one 3.5 year old {pictured below} with lots of flowery language, but I will just sum it up instead with these four words…

Patience is a virtue.

And I don’t have a lot of it lately.

I wish it were on sale this week….I’d stock up on it, for sure.


Looks like Holden is getting pointers from SpongeBob. SB was not allowed in this household until recently. It seems to come on right when I am getting dinner ready and need some uninterrupted Mama time.

However, we may need to reinstate the SpongeBob ban as the other night I asked Holden to please get his jammies on and he replied, “You want a piece of me? You can’t have a piece of me!”

Oh my.

I hope that phrase never leaves his little mouth again.

Elliott said they heard it on SpongeBob.

Thanks, Nick Jr.

{notice the title of the book}

He does look so sweet…all bathed, in his pirate pj’s, with his little legs stretched out, book in his lap, “reading” quietly…however, I do need to question his book selection.


Only about 6 more hours until FALL.

Apparently 11:09 p.m.?!

Homework Nazi

Oh my.

Homework has finally started.

I am a FREAK about the homework.

From day one…”Do you have homework? Is there anything in your folder?”

I am paranoid.

At back to school night we were informed that homework and “sight words” would begin on lucky September 13th. But I was still a FREAK and would ask her everyday on the way home,

“Do you have homework? Is there anything in your folder?”

Because I don’t want her to miss anything….have a big fat “F” in the grade book.

In Kindergarten.

I am paranoid.

But I want to get her conditioned for the homework because it is going to be part of our life now ~ for MANY years.

The first packet came home yesterday.

It’s due Friday.

We’re done.

We don’t need to worry about it for the rest of the week. SHE wanted to do it ALL. I’m certain the novelty will wear off and it’ll be like pulling teeth down the road, but for now she digs it and I am happy.

But I am still a FREAK. I have quadruple checked each sheet for accuracy.

Did she write her name at the top of each page?

Did we follow directions?

Are her “M’s” and “m’s” kosher?

Did she stay {semi} in the lines while coloring?

Did she complete everything?

Her first journal entry was to follow the prompt, “I like __________.”

Tiana ~ complete with a ruffled dress, frog, grass, flowers, clouds and hearts.

Journal entry #1, complete!

Homework packet #1, complete!

Paranoid mother, complete!

I give myself a C-….I definitely need to improve.

60 Minutes

Want to know how to entertain your 3.5 year old for an hour?

Give them an almost empty jar of peanut butter…

…and a spoon…

…sprinkle in a little Wonder Pets…

…and you’re golden.

Damn Skippy!

{Peanut butter is good for the hair, right?}


Have a peanut buttery Thursday!

“Tie Game” Tuesday

I thought The Cons were going to win today, but it looks like The Pros pulled out all the stops and tied up the game of Tuesday.

#1 For starters, Riggs (Border Collie) ran out the front door and went after the guy with the weed wacker. Fortunately a weed wacker is a good thing to have if a dog comes running at you. Unfortunately I had to go after him in my pink pajamas…braless.

#2 Above mentioned Riggs bit (aka “nipped really hard” in Border Collie language) me in his usual frenzy as the gardeners entered the backyard.

#3 As I was tending to my wound with an ice pack and a few curse words, Rascal decided, since he couldn’t go into the backyard to take care of business, to drop off a few kids on the red carpet! Thanks, Rascal. Living up to your name, I see.

#4 Approximately 2.5 seconds after I took care of that little matter, Holden decided his football undies were the place to take care of HIS business. Why? WHY?

#5 Had to pay almost $60 to retrieve E’s birth certificate for Kinder (Last Minute Lucy here!)

#6 Let the kids talk me into Mickey D’s drive-thru for lunch (I only got a Diet Coke…promise!)


But, then The Pros started reminding me that the day wasn’t a total bust.

#1 Took Elliott for her FINAL vaccination and TB test for Kinder. (This may have been a Con in her book, but was definitely a Pro in mine)

#2 Ordered E’s birth certificate for Kinder (don’t know why I put that off for so long??!!??)

#3 All forms completed and ready to turn in to the elementary school

#4 Little old lady in The Dollar Tree told me I looked beautiful…so sweet! I needed that.

#5 Rumor has it that Taylor Lautner was at Swirley’s Fro Yo on Sunday which is just a half mile from my front door! (I was at neighboring Albertson’s on Sunday…..I wonder if our paths crossed!)

#6 We have 10 leftover Chicken McNuggets from lunch for the kid’s dinner. Awesome!


So glad it’s a tie.

I hate when The Cons win.


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ 7.27.10

1 cup coffee with 2 tbsp. creamer: 2 points

2 egg whites on a sandwich thin: 1.5 points

1 banana: 2 points

Whole wheat pita with 1/4 cup meat sauce and 1/4 cup grated mozzarella cheese: 6 points

Fat free Fro Yo: 2 points

Sesame Chicken Lean Cuisine: 7 points

Total points: 20.5


Walked/jogged to clubhouse and home: 2 miles

47 minutes on elliptical: 4+ miles, 500 calories


Preschool Going On High School & Vinegar!

Last night Elliott asked me:

“When I go to Kindergarten am I going to have a locker?”

Oh dear…one step at a time, Sweetheart, one step at a time!

Let’s start out with learning to read, first!


Did you know that it’s super easy to clean your coffee maker?

That’s what I’m doing this morn…

…the coffee’s tasting a bit “off” lately and we can’t have that!

So, if you think you need a new coffee maker, try this first.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

All you need is vinegar & water and about an hour.

Here’s to a Saturday starting off with fresh, STRONG & flavorful coffee!


This weekend’s recipes: Taco Soup & JalapeƱo Spiked Cornbread and Sesame Peanut Noodles