The top five reasons I may not quite be ready for an iPhone…

5. My kids have {talked} to SIRI already, and I don’t even know who SIRI is.

4. I was {literally} afraid to open the box after the FedEx guy delivered it…and I’m not talking about the iPhone box itself, I am talking about opening the box that housed the box that the iPhone was in.

3. I was scared to take it anywhere until I procured a case/skin/cover for it.

2. I refuse to pay a ridiculous amount for said case/skin/cover and I recalled seeing some at Ross. So I ventured over there and this was the only one I could find…



But for $5.99, I’ll take it.

Don’t laugh.

And the number ONE reason this gal might not quite be ready for a {smart phone}……..don’t laugh.

1. I wasn’t able to hear the person on the other end unless I hit {speaker}…I was a little frustrated since this was the same problem I recently had on my old phone, so I asked a trusty Verizon specialist, “Yes, I seem to be having difficulty hearing the person on the other end unless I put it on speaker.”

Trusty Verizon manager: “Yes, m’am…that is because you have not yet removed the protective film off your phone.”

Oh, yes. Of course.

I explained to her that I was afraid of getting a scratch on it. Or dust. Or germs.

At that point she offered to sell me a case, of course.

Little did she know Hello Kitty was waiting for me.



All that said, I am loving it…who knew Chick-fil-A has free wi-fi?

3 thoughts on “Meow”

  1. ha!

    i am jealous you have chick -fil-a. i’ve never been to one. there is one here on the college campus and i am going to go there one day.

    are you loving your new phone?? i’ve had a little siri envy but i love all the other new updates with the new software.

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