Check The Box

Well, hello!

How is your Tuesday after the long Memorial Day weekend?

Like this…..

or like this…

Please check the box that applies.

{Looks like the six year old got a pouty face for her birthday. The teenage years are going to be fuuuun, aren’t they?}


We had a nice weekend…as I mentioned, we had no set-in-stone plans, but managed to have some fun and be a little productive at the same time. You know, a BBQ here and carpet cleaning and trimming the dog’s nails there. It’s all good.

Only EIGHT more days of school. I must say it’ll be nice to hang out in our pj’s not have to rush every morning.

Hope your entry back into the real world hasn’t been too rough.

Gotta run ~ I have dishes in the sink looking for some attention.

One thought on “Check The Box”

  1. classic pictures!
    so far today I am having a thumbs up sorta day =)
    and very much looking forward to jammie mornings too.

    (elphaba on your playlist gave me chills, btw. LOVE that show!!)

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