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Friday Cuteness

{Photo from this darling blog}

How adorable is this sign?

I love, love, love it…words to live by, I’ll say!

Speaking of dreams, I had a funny one last night…

I was on an “Amazing Race” of sorts. Around the world. Running EVERYWHERE! Doing quite well.

I think I got to the pit stop and then….

Rascal woke up and jumped off the bed which woke me up!

I was so mad ~ I wanted so much to slip back into that dream and see what happened next!

Anyway, I thought it was a nice reminder to “Go for it!”, push yourself further than you think you’re capable, run, run, run!

Life is too short to sit still.

Here’s to a weekend full of amazing things and fulfilling your dreams!


In my attempt to simplify, straighten up and Spring Clean, I came across a list of words and phrases that Holden said about a year ago:

“I did it!” (buckling carseat)
“Bravo!” (claps)
“Manny!” (Handy Manny)
“Rar Rar” (car – my personal fave)
“Brush” (brush teeth)

Now, a little over a year later, it’s simply “Because…” or “Because…because”.

He talks up a storm, but anytime we ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do (which is quite often) it’s just, “Because……because” and sometimes it’s “Because….I don’t want to!”

Some of his other favorites right now:

“Sorry ’bout that!” or “Never mind.”

So precious.

The “Because” thing gets old quick since he says it literally hundreds of times per day, but it really is quite cute.

Wish I could get away with just saying “Because” sometimes…

Jay: “Why did you go on this big shopping spree?”

Me: “Because!”


“Mommy, why can’t we go to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal?”


Life would be so easy if we could just opt out of an explanation or awkward moment and just say,



And something that Elliott has been doing lately…

“When I have a daughter and a son, I am going to let them get their OWN Happy Meal and Old McDonald’s.”

{Hint taken!}

Oh, and I recently caught myself repeating one of those phrases that my parents used and I hated when I was a kid…

“Because I said so!”

Seriously, this one I have to agree with.

Mom & Dad, now I understand where you were coming from here!

Ahhh, the things we learn as parents.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!


Because I’m the parent and I said so!

~ XOXO ~


Oh dear…

We had another case of “The FuNkY Ballerina” today.

Elliott was all dressed in her heart leotard and we were ready to go until she says, “It’s windy out today, so I need to wear tights!” Again, I explained that she really didn’t have any that matched her outfit and that she would be warm once she got into class. Well, 4 (almost 5) year olds have a different agenda…she shuffled through her sock drawer and pulled out a pair of tights and proclaimed, “These match because they also have hearts!”

And, well…yes they did, so this is how we ventured to class today:

Happy as a clam with her “matching” outfit, Twinkle Toes Skechers & honey nut Cheerios for snack!

All her classmates were in pastel pink leotards with little sheer pastel pink skirts, hair pulled back out of their faces, and then there was my Rainbow Bright holding her own out there amongst her peers. I got such a chuckle out of it.

This concoction later had an added dimension with a cheetah print hoodie. Wish I woulda had the Nikon handy then.

Looks like I need to find some neutral colored tights or hope that the soon-to-come warmer weather will discourage these Punky Brewster-esque moments…although I think it’s kinda cute.

Between Holden in his perpetual pajamas and Elliott in her spirited dance wear, I’m starting to think that they are both developing a sense of confidence at a young age and I can only see that as a positive thing.

Hoping you have a wacky, colorful, striped, full of character weekend ahead!

Check List

Somehow the subject of “college” came up yesterday…

I said something like, “When you go to college, blah blah blah…” and she simply said,

“I already went to college! Remember….with Uncle Rodney.”

Last October we went to the UCLA campus bookstore to pick up some garb to wear to the Oregon game.

Here she is…wearing her Bruin cheerleader outfit and enjoying a bag of Cheetos and the game with U-Rod.

It was so cute, though ~ in her little mind she had already gone to college ~ done, finished, onto the next thing, check that off the list!

I tried to explain to her in layman’s terms that we just visited college and that after she finishes kindergarten (and many, many more years!) that she will be closer to going to college to learn more “fun stuff”.

Ahhhh, my little almost 5 year old wanting to skip the rest of preschool, elementary, middle and high school.

So precious.

First, please let Mama get through your preschool graduation on June 10th.

I’m already stocking up on Kleenex…

{ROCK} A Bye Baby

We do things a little differently around these parts…

and I’m NOT 100% proud of it, but I want the kids to learn how to express themselves through dance.

We have a little family tradition that we do before the kids go to bed on non-school nights (Tues & Thurs) ~ the kids have a “Dance Party”! (on school nights we read our favorite books ~ Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, Three Little Pigs, etc.)

We have a “retreat” off of the master bedroom and Jay has the stereo set up there. Holden turns on the stereo, Elliott pulls the antique step stool away from the edge of our bed into the middle of the room and Jay starts playing the music from iTunes on the laptop!

The Dance Party starts off innocently with songs from Glee or her Sarah McLachlan fave “Ordinary Miracle”…Elliott dances around, twirls, kicks and jumps off the step stool. Holden follows along…

Well, last night I came home from the gym to the whole house shakin’, rattlin’ and rollin’ and went up stairs to find them dancing to this:

OK, this is NOT my song of choice (clean version, of course!), but we were in complete hysterics watching these two dance. Holden started a new move that he does with his arms and then breaks out into some robot motions. Elliott is borderline locking and popping….it is so interesting to me that they can switch their style of dance from flowy and graceful during the Glee soundtrack to hard hitting, more sharp moves for LMFAO!

We NEED to have the video camera ready at the next Dance Party!

FuNkY, Tattooed Ballerina

Oh my.

I think we have a Punky Brewster on our hands!

I’m trying to teach Elliott about matching or coordinating when she chooses her daily outfits, but sometimes you just gotta let it go!

She recently started dance class again and now that she’s older, she’s loving it that much more. She was so excited to wear her OLD purple, almost-too-small leotard and coordinating tattered, sheer skirt to class on Friday, BUT before we headed to the car she said she thought she needed some tights since she may get cold….knowing that we didn’t really have any white ones I tried to discourage it, but she said “I have the RED ones!” Fine. Go ahead Punky and get the red tights!

Then, as if the red tights weren’t enough, she paired this ensemble with her brown boots!

She used to NOT want anything to do with temporary tattoos or band-aids, but now….

If you look on her right arm, you’ll see her latest “inking” ~ a few roses.

So there you have it…our Funky Punky Tatted Up Ballerina Girl!

This morning I have a “git ‘er done!” attitude….look out.

Lots to do today and I’m in the mood to do it!

Nothin’ like getting the week off to a productive start.

Here’s to having a fUnKy, spunky, constructive MoNdAy!

White Girls Can’t Dance

last night I tried a FREE Zumba class at our clubhouse.
I loved it. I want to continue. I looked like a fool. I didn’t care.

I’ve always thought that I had rhythm and could bust a move, but I need to get off my “Coordination High Horse” because somewhere along the line I have lost any and all ability to carry out the simplest of moves. I know that all these hip gyrations and booty shakin’ will come easier as I keep going, but in the mean time I need to get over myself and just do it!

The funny thing is is that I didn’t give a damn about what I looked like. At least I was out there moving and not at home shoving bon bons in my face while watching The Real Housewives Of Orange County. I was movin’ although I was NOT groovin’, and I loved it. In my 20s I would have been more insecure, but now that I’m nearing my “not so 20s”, I don’t care anymore what I look like trying to borderline hip hop dance to BEP’s Boom Boom Pow!

Oh, and I also did all this tomfoolery in my socks…apparently my NB Trail shoes are a little too “tready” for Zumba. I need to get some smooth bottomed shoes. All of a sudden I perked up…..I get to buy new shoes? They may be ugly, black, dorky looking shoes (not a fan of black tennies!), but if they will help me with my moves, I’m all for it!

Let this be my theme song for the day:

Question of The Day

Which came first? The chicken or the nugget?

While dining on her pre-Thanksgiving lunch, Elliott asks, “How do they make chicken nuggets?”

My response, “Hmmmm, not too sure.” (and don’t even want to know)

Her response, “Maybe we can ask Old McDonald’s for the recipe!”

Me thinking…”That’s one recipe that I would NOT wish to pass along to my friends!”

Eat all the chicken nuggets you want today, sweetheart, because tomorrow it’s all about the TURKEY!

Wishing everyone out there in Blogland a Happy, Happy Turkey Day! I hope it’s full of ┬álots of yumminess, laughter, naps, football, friends, family and most of all LOVE!

2-Year Old Humor

Holden is now “2 and three quarters”. He knows what he wants. He knows what he doesn’t want. And he will let you know which way he’s goin’. ┬áLately he has been wanting to wear his jammies out and about. Once in awhile I will pick my battles and let him wear them to drop off Elliott at school, but I do not generally let him wear pajamas out in public.

This morning I needed to run some errands, so I laid out his cool motorcycle shirt and jeans. He fussed and said “No! Jammies!” So, I went and flat-ironed my hair, brushed my teeth and then went back in to fight with him…I mean get him dressed. Hmmm, I laid them out on Elliott’s bed and they were gone. Maybe he just but them back in the drawer…no. “Holdy, where is your outfit?” Ignores me and laughs. He runs away and hides in our closet behind Jay’s dress shirts. I ask Elliott to help me look for them…she said they’re under her bed. Not so. I look under Holden’s bed. Not there. By this time we’re working against the clock and I am getting more and more irritated as the minutes pass. I AM NOT GOING TO LET A 2-YEAR OLD OUTSMART ME! I am determined to find this outfit and get Elliott to school on time… I go downstairs and put on “Merry Madagascar” to keep them entertained and head back upstairs to solve the mystery of the missing clothing!

I go back and look in the same drawer, under the same beds, in the dress-up bin, in the pajama drawer, in the guest room, under the guest bed, in the washing machine as the top was open and I thought he may have thrown them in there. Nope! Checked the dryer. Negative. I looked in the Dora hamper. Nope. By this time I am fuming, but NOT giving up. I go in our closet and look in the pile of dirty clothes thinking he may have put them there before hiding behind Jay’s shirts. Nope! Heck, I even looked in the toilet and in the shower of their bathroom. Uh, NO!

“You’re smarter than a 2-year old. You’re smarter than a 2-year old.”

Are you effin’ kidding me? Are you serious?

You know when you’re looking for something and you just go look again in the same place you’ve already looked twice before? So, I got back on the floor and looked under their beds yet again.

I am on the verge of tears and want to scream, but I keep chanting to myself, “You’re smarter than a 2-year old.”

I go back in the laundry room and check the washing machine again – nope. Maybe I’ll check the dryer again too…sure enough…after I moved the clothes around, there they were! The cool motorcycle shirt and jeans! HE HAD BURIED THEM IN THE BACK OF THE DRYER!” I guess he could’ve put them in worse places!

So, after that ordeal, this kid was NOT going to leave the house in anything other than these two articles of clothing!

Once we were all locked and loaded in the car, on our way to school and I had ingested some coffee, I could laugh at Holden’s “humor”.

Just a simple reminder that no matter how MAD you are at the time, you usually can end up laughing about it later.