Fire Sale

I scored the sisal steal of the century yesterday.

8′ X 10.5′ black bordered 100% sisal rug for…drum roll, please…


At Ross.

{You can buy the one pictured above on for $449 or one similar at Pottery Barn for $299 ~ told ya it was a steal!}

I think I spent more than that {like $80, still a steal} at Home Goods for our much smaller one that we’ve had for going on 4 years. These rugs are great for homes with kids and pets. They hide dirt well and massage your feet at the same time!


Training update:

I did {for all intents and purposes} 9 miles this morning. Up at 5:45am {to charge my ipod} and out the door by 6:30! This will be my final long run before the race on December 5th. I will do some shorter runs {3-4 miles} next weekend and some elliptical the week before the run and then……showtime!

Each week I get a little more confident. My friend, Janet, who just completed her first FULL marathon {rockstar status!} introduced me to a term that I thought was hilarious ~ “wogging”: [verb] Not walking, but certainly not jogging!

I’m definitely a “wogger” instead of a runner. So, I guess you could say I’m a wogger AND a blogger!

LOVE it!

Happy Sunday fellow frugalistas {& woggers}!

2 thoughts on “Fire Sale”

  1. Lis, I only saw the one HUGE one, but they had some smaller sisal ones with different colored borders…maybe check the new one in Stevenson Ranch, too. I was at the old skool one in Saugus. I saw it a couple weeks age and went back surprised to find that it was still there! I LOVE it…we had too much exposed hardwood and I like the way it looks now better. I say if you find a large one at Ross, get it! Their prices really are great if you have the patience. Good Luck! The happiest of Thanksgivings to you and yours! Looking forward to the 1st! So grateful for our friendship! XOXO

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