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Oh dear…

We had another case of “The FuNkY Ballerina” today.

Elliott was all dressed in her heart leotard and we were ready to go until she says, “It’s windy out today, so I need to wear tights!” Again, I explained that she really didn’t have any that matched her outfit and that she would be warm once she got into class. Well, 4 (almost 5) year olds have a different agenda…she shuffled through her sock drawer and pulled out a pair of tights and proclaimed, “These match because they also have hearts!”

And, well…yes they did, so this is how we ventured to class today:

Happy as a clam with her “matching” outfit, Twinkle Toes Skechers & honey nut Cheerios for snack!

All her classmates were in pastel pink leotards with little sheer pastel pink skirts, hair pulled back out of their faces, and then there was my Rainbow Bright holding her own out there amongst her peers. I got such a chuckle out of it.

This concoction later had an added dimension with a cheetah print hoodie. Wish I woulda had the Nikon handy then.

Looks like I need to find some neutral colored tights or hope that the soon-to-come warmer weather will discourage these Punky Brewster-esque moments…although I think it’s kinda cute.

Between Holden in his perpetual pajamas and Elliott in her spirited dance wear, I’m starting to think that they are both developing a sense of confidence at a young age and I can only see that as a positive thing.

Hoping you have a wacky, colorful, striped, full of character weekend ahead!

Sous Chef

Lately Elliott wants to “help” me in the kitchen…all.the.time.

I hate telling her, “Maybe tomorrow, honey.”, “Not right now.” or “Just let Mommy do it real quick.”

It makes me feel like such a crappy Mom.

So, while I was doing my grocery shopping this weekend, I decided to pick up some rice crispies and marshmallows and enlist her help with making some good old-fashioned rice crispy treats. After all, marshmallows are so Springy to me.

Pouring in the ‘mallows:

And some more…

Holden sneaking crispies:


Ready for an after lunch treat:

In case you forgot (like me!) or never knew just how easy these are to make, here is what you need:

1 stick butter

1 16 oz. bag mini marshmallows

6 cups rice crispy cereal

Here’s what you do:

Melt butter on stovetop over low heat. In the meantime measure out 6 cups of cereal into a large bowl. When the butter is melted, add half the bag of marshmallows and heat slowy, stirring frequently. Add the rest of the ‘mallows and continue stirring until they are melted and combined with butter. Pour mixture over the cereal and stir to combine. Pour into a greased 9″X13″ pan and let cool before cutting.

I wanted to color the marshmallows pink, but Elliott wanted to “keep them white at Easter”. OK. Will do!

I am committed to being a better “executive chef” in my kitchen and letting my sous chef help more.

Hope you’re having a happy, marshmallowy Monday!

Cobb & A Bob

Sounds kinda like a new Dr. Seuss book, huh?

If you’re a cobb salad lover, then you really must try these cobb salad wraps:

They were inspired by a cobb salad sandwich I enjoyed a million and a half years ago up in wine country…

I would suggest a spinach or sun-dried tomato tortilla, but a regular flour one works just fine.

Cobb Salad Wraps

3 frozen chicken tenders or one large chicken breast, thawed

Montreal Steak seasoning or salt & pepper

1 hard boiled egg, chopped

Bacon (I used the REAL bacon bits in the little jar, but if you have some just cook it up and chop)

Blue cheese crumbles (about 2T…it can be overpowering so don’t go overboard)

1/2 tomato, seeded & chopped

Olives, chopped (I omit these since they’re not my fave)

Shredded lettuce

Avocado slices


Bottled Ranch dressing

Sprinkle Montreal Steak seasoning on chicken and grill on grill pan (you can also use a rotisserie chicken or some leftovers). Let cool and cut into bite-sized pieces and put into a bowl.

Add egg, bacon, blue cheese, tomato & olives. Mix with a bit of mayo to bring it all together.

Drizzle just a bit of Ranch onto a flour tortilla and sprinkle some lettuce down the middle. Add a couple slices of avocado and then a couple spoonfuls of the chicken mixture. Fold in both ends of the tortilla followed by the sides. Place seam side down and cut in half!

Super tasty.


I took Miss Elliott to get a cute bob this afternoon:

I am SO over her fighting me every night and morning when I try to brush it.

“Yes, you HAVE to comb your hair after the bath.” and “Yes, you MUST brush your hair before school!”

This will help for a little while.

She loves her new ‘do and is getting so much better in the chair. Yay!

I hope you’re doing whatever makes you HAPPY this weekend!

Cover To Cover

This is Elliott’s baby book:

It was a gift from our friends Leah & Bryan.

It’s full of all sorts of information…her vital statistics at birth and over the past few years, our family tree, a list of all the wonderful gifts we received before and after her arrival, photos of her first bath, first holiday, first trip to Disneyland. The date of eruption of all her little teeth is recorded in here. Her “favorite” things when she was a baby. What she ate along the way and her sleep patterns. It highlights her first four birthdays and even holds the news worthy events that took place on the day of her birth. It is chock full of beautiful memories and I can’t tell you how many times I have read it since her birth and relived all these beautiful moments.

There are only 2 pages left ~ one waiting for the black pen to glide over it and document one LAST milestone as far as this little book is concerned, and one page waiting for a photo to be affixed to it with double-sided tape. I can see it now…Elliott in her new school clothes, carrying her new lunch box, with a BIG smile on her face. My baby is going to kindergarten!

“My First School Day”

This page will be filled out in only 5 short months and then this book will be complete. I can hardly believe that this little yellow book that once was stiff and empty, pages pristine and smooth is now a keepsake for Elliott, seams expanding from all the pictures and other little special documents like copies of her birthday invitations and a notebook page with the journal entry made by my 96-year old “Gam” the day Elliott was born.

This book is filled with beauty from the past 5 years.

I cannot wait to see what memories and milestones the next 5 years bring…..

Gallery Viewing

This past Tuesday evening we attended Art Night at Elliott’s preschool.

So fun to see the tikes and their little masterpieces created with all sorts of different mediums and components.

So bright.

So cheery.

So creative.

Here are our artist’s pieces:

Can you tell she LOVES purple?

This is my favorite:

This one was full of glitter (you guessed it, purple glitter!):

and last, but certainly not least, a collage:

Next February when we attend Art Night, we’ll be seeing Holden’s masterpieces.

Thank you, Elliott, for sharing your beautiful works of art with us!

Cabin Fever

We’re on day 4 of Mother Nature crying her eyes out! My Goodness…it’s WET out there, but we need it! The picture above was taken on the ONE day that I stepped out of the house this week ~ Monday.

I am on day 3 of being cooped up in the house trying to get Miss Elliott well ~ coughing, low grade fever, blah, blah!

I’m all for a day at home once a week, but this is getting old. I am actually looking forward to running to Albertson’s in a bit to grab some groceries. We’re almost out of everything! If I don’t make it to the store, it could be scrambled eggs with a side of string cheese for dinner. Dr. Atkins would be proud.

But I’m planning on making lettuce wraps for dinner tonight and I’m PLANNING on running to Target tomorrow. But if I hear of a tornado warning here in the SCV, I just may be velcro’d to the house again tomorrow!

I can get more laundry done.

I can fold more laundry.

I can clean the grout.

I can get rid of more stuff.

I can not spend any money.

I can watch more episodes of Max & Ruby, Dora & Diego.

But I’d rather not. Done enough of that already this week.

Happy Thursday! Hope everyone is staying warm & dry in this wintery weather!

Priceless Art

Elliott comes home from school with lots of artwork. LOTS. I can’t save it all. I won’t save it ALL. Remember, I am simplifying.

I decided to intersperse some of her cute little marble paintings and tissue paper art in with my new picture gallery project:

I thought it added a little je ne sais quois. A little pizzaz. I’ve never been afraid of color.


(I know, I still need to find two more pics…)

I also had these two red frames that I got from Pottery Barn Kids for cheap before Elliott was born. They were home to 2 of her sonogram pictures over her changing table. I love these frames and wanted to do something special with them. Last Summer the kids painted some water colors in the backyard and I decided these were the perfect pieces for my red frames!

Holden’s masterpiece on the left and Elliott’s on the right.

I am loving having their art displayed throughout the house. I can’t wait for Holden to start preschool this Fall so I can have some great new pieces of priceless art for FREE.

It’s so easy to change them out from time to time.

Next crafty project: having the kiddos paint a couple pieces for our room.

Stay tuned!

Daddy-Daughter Fun

Last night Jay & Elliott had a Daddy-Daughter outing.

They went to the Clippers game. They had hot dogs. They had Kettle Corn.

Even though it was a “school night” and they got home close to 11:00, I wouldn’t have taken this away from them for the world.

Of course, I called during the game. I could hear the crowd in the background and the pure joy in Elliott’s voice.

She was so excited to bring home her leftover Kettle Corn and tell me that her favorite part of the night were the cheerleaders.

And how cute is this pic of her in her seat with her new scarf? School night or not………