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Tiara Thursday

Elliott did a little art project this afternoon.

She made some tiaras…

One for her.

One for Emilie.

One for Emma.


one for Holden!

Apparently she didn’t want to “waste” too many of the fancy stickers on Holden’s, so she personalized his with a Crayola marker: “HEAJ” (the family’s initials), a birthday cake & a flower.

He didn’t seem to mind that his had less adornments than the others!

Happy Thursday!

I can see Friday from here…

Gallery Viewing

This past Tuesday evening we attended Art Night at Elliott’s preschool.

So fun to see the tikes and their little masterpieces created with all sorts of different mediums and components.

So bright.

So cheery.

So creative.

Here are our artist’s pieces:

Can you tell she LOVES purple?

This is my favorite:

This one was full of glitter (you guessed it, purple glitter!):

and last, but certainly not least, a collage:

Next February when we attend Art Night, we’ll be seeing Holden’s masterpieces.

Thank you, Elliott, for sharing your beautiful works of art with us!

Priceless Art

Elliott comes home from school with lots of artwork. LOTS. I can’t save it all. I won’t save it ALL. Remember, I am simplifying.

I decided to intersperse some of her cute little marble paintings and tissue paper art in with my new picture gallery project:

I thought it added a little je ne sais quois. A little pizzaz. I’ve never been afraid of color.


(I know, I still need to find two more pics…)

I also had these two red frames that I got from Pottery Barn Kids for cheap before Elliott was born. They were home to 2 of her sonogram pictures over her changing table. I love these frames and wanted to do something special with them. Last Summer the kids painted some water colors in the backyard and I decided these were the perfect pieces for my red frames!

Holden’s masterpiece on the left and Elliott’s on the right.

I am loving having their art displayed throughout the house. I can’t wait for Holden to start preschool this Fall so I can have some great new pieces of priceless art for FREE.

It’s so easy to change them out from time to time.

Next crafty project: having the kiddos paint a couple pieces for our room.

Stay tuned!