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Magic Charge Card


This morning I’m doing a little V-day shopping, reaching into my gorgeous cherry red MK handbag¬†and paying with my {magic charge card}. You know…the one where the bill gets sent to Cupid.

Boots for Elliott…



How adorable would Holden look in these, y’all…



Valentine jammies are a must…

{jams via}

Etsy love…



And finally, something for Jay…



Happy early {virtual} Valentine’s Day!

What would you treat yourself or your loved ones to with your magic charge card?

Pajama Jam

Holden LOVES his pajamas.

It’s like pulling teeth trying to get him out of them each morning. Most mornings I just give up….I’m sure I’m known as “the mom that lets her kid wear his pj’s all day” at Elliott’s preschool. He’s in them when I drop her off and he’s in them when I pick her up! He’s been known to wear them to the park, his doctor’s appointment and even Target.

I try to pick my battles, but I think I am losing this one. I have given in too many times and now it’s next to impossible to get him dressed. Things are going to have to change, though…he starts preschool in August and as far as I know, they only have ONE “wear your pajamas to school” day a year!

I DO love the ‘jams though. Love, love buying E & H the Gap or Old Navy 2-piece pajama sets. And I just love pj’s in general….so it’s probably my fault that he is so attached to his sleepwear!

Just to share a recent find that will help you be more green and save some green at the same time…I found some super cute organic cotton 2-piece pajama sets at Wal-mart for $5 on clearance. Picked up a pair for Elliott for her Easter basket. They had TONS at the Wal-mart by me for both girls and boys. Short sleeved tops with long pants ~ perfect for the Spring into Summer transition. If you need new ‘jams for the kiddos and are at Wally World, check them out!¬†(According to the on-line reviews, they get 5 stars.)

Now, I just hope Elliott doesn’t love her new jammies so much that she wants to LIVE in them.

Here’s to a fun-filled Friday whether you’re in your pajamas or not!

{Coming soon out of the recipe box…Crunchy Chicken Fingers, Roasted Thai Drummettes, Black Bean & Roasted Red Pepper Dip & Sloppy Joe’s}