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Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m going to be wandering a bit…a little of this and a little of that.

We have a large-ish landing at the top of the stairs where the kids watch DVDs on a 13″ TV and read books. I want to make it a little more {nookie} and have pillows on the floor…maybe a basket of rolled up blankets to cuddle in during the cooler months.

I went to my new BFF, Pinterest, and took a little nook look…



Now I want a little Mama Nook! Love this bright and airy one…


Or this cozy one…


I love the idea of a reading nook where you can sit and read trashy mags and sip your morning coffee. Anyone read Bethenny Frankel’s {A Place of Yes}? Been meaning to pick it up.


I’m on a gift wrapping kick. I am kind of over the whole gift bag thing. Yes, I know it’s easy and a good way to recycle but I love the idea of a good old fashioned wrapped gift.

How about these for inspiration…


[Vintage Vibrant]


[Scary Clown Balloons]


Last time I was at {99¢ Only} I picked up a roll of brown packing paper. Going to use it LOTS for Christmas this year and wanted some early inspiration, but you can do ANYTHING with it. How cute is the balloon bow?

I seriously had to {exit} Pinterest. Everything just kept getting cuter and cuter.

Just enter {reading nooks} and {gift wrapping} and you’ll see what I mean.


I am working on a little giveaway and hope to have it posted by Friday. Since the last several giveaways were Havaianas, I thought I’d do a little homemade goodie. I hope that you’ll check back and enter to win! 😉

Let me just say that in the process of making this little goodie, I burnt my fingertips to a crisp. My glue gun is in the naughty corner right now. Not user error at all……..

To make matters worse, what I thought was glue was actually a blister and I pulled it off….um, ouch!


Is anybody else anxious for Fall? I am finding myself searching for autumnal and Halloween inspiration already. Which is good because if I wait too long, I am more likely not going to be able to carry it out. If I get the ideas early, I can get a head start on all this {F}alloween cuteness.


{at least not today}


Today is Day 9 with Jill…last night I did it at 10:08pm. I was NOT going to bed without doing my dumbbell rows and butt kicks.


Kinda wish I was going to BlogHer this weekend in San Diego….if you’re going, have a blast in my hometown!


I think this Hump Day afternoon calls for a nice iced coffee…you should have one too!


Don’t Be Immune To A Good Book


This morning was busy…drop-off, Book Fair, PTA meeting…

Elementary school is no joke!

I’m already trying to plan how I can volunteer in the classroom, help with PTA sponsored fun like the Father/Daughter dance, Jog-A-Thon, stay on top of homework and run a household.

Not to mention fitting in 20 minutes reading time each night.

I admit, we have not been the best book readers lately. We have oodles of good books and go to the library from time to time, but we need to be better about sitting down and logging reading hours this school year.

The kids {especially Holdy} will sit and read on their own, but I too enjoy a good children’s book. My current faves are the Fancy Nancy and Pinkalicious series.

Elliott made her wish list yesterday when her class visited the book fair in the library. She copied the names of the titles she wanted onto a sheet of paper and I went and tracked down her book choices this morning.

A book caught my eye, however:


I was drawn to the darling title, but mostly the vintage inspired illustrations!

Not to mention that it’s the cutest little story.

With the varicella vaccine nowadays, our kids won’t experience this pesky virus like we did, but I was going to use this book as a way to explain how vaccines {and as our kids know them…”shots”} work and the benefits of them.

So, if you see this adorable title at your school book fair or know someone who has chicken pox, think about picking it up! It truly is a story that I’m going to have fun reading ~ rhymes that roll off your tongue accompanied by the tastiest illustrations.

As for me, my latest read is this:


Yes, I love Tori {and Dean!}. I’ve read her other two books. I refuse to buy them so I just reserve them at the library…they are super duper quick reads. My kind of books.

I don’t know how well I’d do in a book club.

Unless they like these types of mindless reads. And drink wine. And enjoy delicious little finger foods.

I could do that.

But yes, I am reading this now and plan to start Bethenny Frankel’s books next.

Love her, too.

Can you see a pattern here?

Reality TV junkie. {raising hand}

Nevertheless, we are starting to read AT LEAST 20 minutes a night here at Chez Aspiras.

We can become immune to chicken pox, but I certainly don’t want my little ones to ever be immune to reading!

What children’s books do y’all enjoy?

Always looking for some new ones…it’s much more fun to read to your kids when YOU like the book, too!

Am I right?


Happy Wednesday!

DIY(ish) Book/Mag Rack

I bought this black plate rack forever and a day ago at Home Goods.

It never made it onto the wall for whatever reason.

One can of red spray paint later and you have a cute, curly crimson book rack for your new reading nook!

I’ll look for some more substantial pillows, but these will do for now:

And a little added self-portrait artwork from school:

The perfect little summer reading spot.

I think it’ll also make a fun place to display cards during the holidays!


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ 6.14.10

2 cups coffee w/ 4 total tbsp. FF Hazelnut Creamer: 2 points

1 Slimfast shake: 3 points

Ham & cheese on Multi-grain sandwich thin w/ mustard: 5 points

2 cups cantaloupe: 2 points

1/2 cup canned FF refried beans: 2 points (random snack)

Safeway “Eating Right” Sesame Chicken frozen meal: 7 points (dinner)

1 Tootsie Roll: 1 point??

Total points: 22


Walked to gym (2.0 round trip)

45+ minutes on elliptical @ 10 resistance (4.25 miles, 500 cals)