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Spray Paint & Succulents

I mentioned here what I had in mind for our end-of-the-year teacher goodies and I wanted to share how they turned out because I think this is my new favorite gifty gift. They come together so quickly and are very inexpensive, yet have that personal touch.

First, pick up some terra-cotta pots {I used 6″}, a can of spray primer and a can of spray paint in a color of your choice. Spray on a coat of primer, let dry and then a coat or two with your color…

I didn’t really paint the inside of the pot, but you will need to flip it over to get the top edge painted and both top and bottom of the little saucer that goes underneath. Fortunately it was a warm day when I painted and they dried completely within a couple hours…this is probably something that you cannot do the night before you plan on giving it to someone, though.

Next I filled the pot with potting soil and patted it down. I then took a shoot of our large succulent that I had cut off and placed in water for a week or so, stuck it down into the soil and gave it a nice drink of water.

To make delivery easier, I tied some jute twine around the pot and saucer and added a little note.

I think they turned out adorable ~ so simple and chic!

Again, this project was inspired from this post by Mel over at The Larson Lingo.

You could certainly use already painted or decorated pots and add any type of plant or flower, even herbs. These make such a nice, personalized and thoughtful gift or little thank you for the people in your life. Can’t wait to make a few colorful pots to brighten up our backyard.

And in keeping with the yellow theme, I delivered sugar cookie bar happiness to the office staffs at both schools…

Want to brighten someone’s day? Make these!


We now have a second grader and a kindergartner!

{first day as a first grader}

{last day}

{first day in pre-k}

{last day as a preschooler}


A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Howard and Miss Sandi for all they did to help Elliott & Holden {bloom} this school year.

We hope you both have a fabulous and relaxing summer!

Krylon, Take Me Away!

I think I {may} be on the verge of quite possibly becoming addicted to spray paint{ing}.

It is the quickest, easiest, cheapest way to transform almost anything.

It all started when I spray painted the glass candle holders to make some little candy/snack dishes for Elliott’s upcoming party as seen again here…

I love them and they have perked up our mantel for Spring. I had visions of jelly beans in the little one and daffodils in the big one and haven’t gotten around to picking up either.

{btw, the color is krylon [pumpkin orange]}

Then, this past weekend we went to Lowe’s and I picked up another can of instant happiness and got busy yesterday morning…

{color is valspar [exotic sea]}

Keeping with the nature, outdoorsy theme of Elliott’s party, I have been collecting pine cones and branches on my Tuesday/Thursday morning hikes. Elliott even spotted a couple nice sturdy, long twigs down in San Diego last week.

I think they will add an organic, yet chic {and not to mention inexpensive} look to the outdoor festivities.

The aqua twigs will be fun on the mantel through summer, too. They also take on sort of a beachy feel.

Twigs and branches like these would be gorgeous during the holidays in silver or gold…oh man, I am already thinking about Christmas!

If you need some spunk or pop of color in your casa or backyard, grab a can of spray paint, shake, press with your index finger and watch the transformation take place.

And oh how I love the sound of the ball clanking around inside the can when you shake it!

DIY(ish) Book/Mag Rack

I bought this black plate rack forever and a day ago at Home Goods.

It never made it onto the wall for whatever reason.

One can of red spray paint later and you have a cute, curly crimson book rack for your new reading nook!

I’ll look for some more substantial pillows, but these will do for now:

And a little added self-portrait artwork from school:

The perfect little summer reading spot.

I think it’ll also make a fun place to display cards during the holidays!


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ 6.14.10

2 cups coffee w/ 4 total tbsp. FF Hazelnut Creamer: 2 points

1 Slimfast shake: 3 points

Ham & cheese on Multi-grain sandwich thin w/ mustard: 5 points

2 cups cantaloupe: 2 points

1/2 cup canned FF refried beans: 2 points (random snack)

Safeway “Eating Right” Sesame Chicken frozen meal: 7 points (dinner)

1 Tootsie Roll: 1 point??

Total points: 22


Walked to gym (2.0 round trip)

45+ minutes on elliptical @ 10 resistance (4.25 miles, 500 cals)