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Delayed For A Reason

Last week Julie & Jeannett launched The Happy Day Project. Each day of the week was assigned a random act of kindness, a darling coordinating printable and a charity to donate to. I wasn’t able to get my act together, but plan to carry out these heartwarming duties throughout the season and beyond.

The first of which I did last Sunday afternoon…

Holden and I were on a little afternoon trip to LA in the pouring rain. We had finished up around 3pm and were headed to Mickey D’s for a late Happy Meal lunch. I realized I had left a couple things behind, so I turned around to go back and retrieve them. We were then back on the road on our way to the nearest Golden Arches {they never really are too far away, are they?}. I placed our order and as I was waiting to pull up to the window to pay, a woman approached my window holding out a cup, I shook my head {NO} and looked away. I didn’t have any cash, but I generally don’t like to give cash to the homeless because there is no guarantee that they are not going to go and buy a alcohol or drugs with it. But I knew I had to do something…this was my chance to purchase a small gift card and had it to a person in need. It was a no-brainer.

I asked the cashier to add on a $5 gift card. She looked a little annoyed and had to ask the manager to get one. It took a couple minutes and I was holding up the drive-thru, but I didn’t care. I was going to give that woman a warm meal as she was drenched and, no doubt, cold. It was the least I could do.

I got our food and the gift card and pulled up to where she was standing at the drive-thru exit. I reached out to her and she extended her dirty, half-smooshed paper cup expecting to hear the clink of a few coins I’m sure. Her eyes looked as though she had ointment or something on them and I got the impression that she didn’t know what I was handing her. I said, “Here is a gift card for you ~ go get yourself some dinner tonight. God Bless.” She accepted it and said “God Bless you”.

I rolled up the window, pulled out and waited for traffic before I turned out of the parking lot. I looked back and she was gone.

I immediately became choked up and could not hold back the tears. I will never forget her face. It felt SO good to hand her something of so little value to me and KNOW that it was invaluable to her.

I thought about her later that evening and wondered what she did with our little {gift}. It does’t matter, but I just hope that for a split second she knew that someone cared about her.

And that someone was me.


I truly believe that if I would’ve gone to McDonald’s first, I wouldn’t have encountered her.

I was delayed and had to go back to get my things for a reason.

HE works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?

I highly recommend doing this…$5 is an extremely small price to pay for the feeling that you will get and the glory that you’ll give HIM.


Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m going to be wandering a bit…a little of this and a little of that.

We have a large-ish landing at the top of the stairs where the kids watch DVDs on a 13″ TV and read books. I want to make it a little more {nookie} and have pillows on the floor…maybe a basket of rolled up blankets to cuddle in during the cooler months.

I went to my new BFF, Pinterest, and took a little nook look…



Now I want a little Mama Nook! Love this bright and airy one…


Or this cozy one…


I love the idea of a reading nook where you can sit and read trashy mags and sip your morning coffee. Anyone read Bethenny Frankel’s {A Place of Yes}? Been meaning to pick it up.


I’m on a gift wrapping kick. I am kind of over the whole gift bag thing. Yes, I know it’s easy and a good way to recycle but I love the idea of a good old fashioned wrapped gift.

How about these for inspiration…


[Vintage Vibrant]


[Scary Clown Balloons]


Last time I was at {99¢ Only} I picked up a roll of brown packing paper. Going to use it LOTS for Christmas this year and wanted some early inspiration, but you can do ANYTHING with it. How cute is the balloon bow?

I seriously had to {exit} Pinterest. Everything just kept getting cuter and cuter.

Just enter {reading nooks} and {gift wrapping} and you’ll see what I mean.


I am working on a little giveaway and hope to have it posted by Friday. Since the last several giveaways were Havaianas, I thought I’d do a little homemade goodie. I hope that you’ll check back and enter to win! 😉

Let me just say that in the process of making this little goodie, I burnt my fingertips to a crisp. My glue gun is in the naughty corner right now. Not user error at all……..

To make matters worse, what I thought was glue was actually a blister and I pulled it off….um, ouch!


Is anybody else anxious for Fall? I am finding myself searching for autumnal and Halloween inspiration already. Which is good because if I wait too long, I am more likely not going to be able to carry it out. If I get the ideas early, I can get a head start on all this {F}alloween cuteness.


{at least not today}


Today is Day 9 with Jill…last night I did it at 10:08pm. I was NOT going to bed without doing my dumbbell rows and butt kicks.


Kinda wish I was going to BlogHer this weekend in San Diego….if you’re going, have a blast in my hometown!


I think this Hump Day afternoon calls for a nice iced coffee…you should have one too!


Check This

I thought it’d be fun to write out our summer list, display it and check off as we go. I figured if it were at eye level in a major traffic area, we’d be reminded of all the fun things we have planned for the upcoming hot months and be more likely to check them off quicker.

I just used the 8X10 frame from Elliott’s party that I hot glued mini rosettes onto and some Crayola Window Markers…


We did {pancakes & pajamas} today, but by ourselves….can’t cross that one off just yet.

Better get busy!


Dance is wrapping up for summer, too, and I wanted to make a little {thank you} goody for Elliott’s dance teacher.

Check this out…

{loving this simple gift idea!}

1. Recycled TJ’s root beer carrier

2. Plain brown mailing paper {99¢ store}

3. Ribbon roll {Target dollar section}

4. Crinkle Shred {Target ~ $1.99…only used a tiny bit}

5. Seattle’s Best Coffee Iced Mocha {On sale for $1.25 at Pavillions, but I had a free coupon}

6. Six aqua straws {from our personal stash} tied with twine

7. Coconut M&Ms {49¢}

8. Chewy Tropical Lemonheads mini-packs {99¢ store}

{back….not as cute as the front!}

9. Martinelli’s Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade {79¢ at the 99¢ store?!?}

10. Watermelon note cards {Target dollar section}

11. Fun summer nail polish {Dollar Tree}

12. Pink Lemonade Lip Smacker {99¢ store}

I already had a little watermelon gift card and some leftover clothespins. I just cut a strip of the brown paper and glued it around the caddy. Then, on the front, covered the edges with a little ribbon and more Elmer’s!

Super simple.

I think it turned out pretty cute for under 10 bucks…plus I now have the supplies to make many more of these cuties.

Yay…it’s Friday!

Six Pack For Dad

Father’s Day is a mere three days away…

I have cards that still need postage and to be dropped in the mail!

I came across this cute and simple gift idea…

Take an Izze soda or any six pack carrier and turn it into a little gift caddy! This one was for a sweet teacher gift, but I thought it’d be a fun way to present Daddy’s Day trinkets. I’ve been saving a Blue Moon carrier {for what, I didn’t know} and now I have the perfect use for it!

My Mom {AKA Gramma} mentioned getting some Dad’s Root Beer for Father’s Day. How cute would it be to tuck a couple bottles of root beer into the caddy along with some of papa’s other favorite treats and have some vanilla bean ice cream waiting in the freezer for some ice cold, frothy floats this Sunday?


Cute, cute!

{Trader Joe’s sells Vintage Root Beer that comes in a fun little cardboard 4-pack, as well}

Looks like the kids and I have our work cut out for us the next couple days!


This caddy idea would literally work year round for any holiday or celebration.

Hot chocolate caddy for Christmas

Fill it with all things peppermint at the holidays

Mini bottles of champagne and a champagne flute for New Year’s Eve

Filled with red and pink for your favorite Valentine

A recycled Easter basket with a chocolate bunny peeking out

End-of-the-year teacher gift {again, as Seleta did above}

Get well goodies with a can of chicken soup, some cough drops and a rolled up magazine

Um, the possibilities are endless….don’t get this girl brainstorming!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this idea.

And I hope you do, too.

{a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle I might add}

Happy Thursday!