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Six Pack For Dad

Father’s Day is a mere three days away…

I have cards that still need postage and to be dropped in the mail!

I came across this cute and simple gift idea…

Take an Izze soda or any six pack carrier and turn it into a little gift caddy! This one was for a sweet teacher gift, but I thought it’d be a fun way to present Daddy’s Day trinkets. I’ve been saving a Blue Moon carrier {for what, I didn’t know} and now I have the perfect use for it!

My Mom {AKA Gramma} mentioned getting some Dad’s Root Beer for Father’s Day. How cute would it be to tuck a couple bottles of root beer into the caddy along with some of papa’s other favorite treats and have some vanilla bean ice cream waiting in the freezer for some ice cold, frothy floats this Sunday?


Cute, cute!

{Trader Joe’s sells Vintage Root Beer that comes in a fun little cardboard 4-pack, as well}

Looks like the kids and I have our work cut out for us the next couple days!


This caddy idea would literally work year round for any holiday or celebration.

Hot chocolate caddy for Christmas

Fill it with all things peppermint at the holidays

Mini bottles of champagne and a champagne flute for New Year’s Eve

Filled with red and pink for your favorite Valentine

A recycled Easter basket with a chocolate bunny peeking out

End-of-the-year teacher gift {again, as Seleta did above}

Get well goodies with a can of chicken soup, some cough drops and a rolled up magazine

Um, the possibilities are endless….don’t get this girl brainstorming!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE this idea.

And I hope you do, too.

{a great way to reduce, reuse and recycle I might add}

Happy Thursday!

Traveling Fast

Packing up the car with lots of fun stuff this morning.

Off to celebrate {a week early} this girly girl…..

How can she be {almost} SIX?

We just celebrated her turning ONE with a jungle-themed party what seems like a year ago!

Caution: This girl goes from ONE to SIX in 60 seconds.

{Sad face.}

But I know there will be LOTS of happy faces today as she kicks off another year…sure to be filled with many new milestones, lots of new friends, giggles, cartwheels and LOVE.

We love you, Elliott!

Have fun with your friends today!