Delayed For A Reason

Last week Julie & Jeannett launched The Happy Day Project. Each day of the week was assigned a random act of kindness, a darling coordinating printable and a charity to donate to. I wasn’t able to get my act together, but plan to carry out these heartwarming duties throughout the season and beyond.

The first of which I did last Sunday afternoon…

Holden and I were on a little afternoon trip to LA in the pouring rain. We had finished up around 3pm and were headed to Mickey D’s for a late Happy Meal lunch. I realized I had left a couple things behind, so I turned around to go back and retrieve them. We were then back on the road on our way to the nearest Golden Arches {they never really are too far away, are they?}. I placed our order and as I was waiting to pull up to the window to pay, a woman approached my window holding out a cup, I shook my head {NO} and looked away. I didn’t have any cash, but I generally don’t like to give cash to the homeless because there is no guarantee that they are not going to go and buy a alcohol or drugs with it. But I knew I had to do something…this was my chance to purchase a small gift card and had it to a person in need. It was a no-brainer.

I asked the cashier to add on a $5 gift card. She looked a little annoyed and had to ask the manager to get one. It took a couple minutes and I was holding up the drive-thru, but I didn’t care. I was going to give that woman a warm meal as she was drenched and, no doubt, cold. It was the least I could do.

I got our food and the gift card and pulled up to where she was standing at the drive-thru exit. I reached out to her and she extended her dirty, half-smooshed paper cup expecting to hear the clink of a few coins I’m sure. Her eyes looked as though she had ointment or something on them and I got the impression that she didn’t know what I was handing her. I said, “Here is a gift card for you ~ go get yourself some dinner tonight. God Bless.” She accepted it and said “God Bless you”.

I rolled up the window, pulled out and waited for traffic before I turned out of the parking lot. I looked back and she was gone.

I immediately became choked up and could not hold back the tears. I will never forget her face. It felt SO good to hand her something of so little value to me and KNOW that it was invaluable to her.

I thought about her later that evening and wondered what she did with our little {gift}. It does’t matter, but I just hope that for a split second she knew that someone cared about her.

And that someone was me.


I truly believe that if I would’ve gone to McDonald’s first, I wouldn’t have encountered her.

I was delayed and had to go back to get my things for a reason.

HE works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?

I highly recommend doing this…$5 is an extremely small price to pay for the feeling that you will get and the glory that you’ll give HIM.

8 thoughts on “Delayed For A Reason”

  1. You’re welcome, Pops! Something so simple for us to do that will certainly make someones day. Can’t wait to hear all about your experience! 😉 XO

  2. Thanks, Mary…I am looking forward to doing it a few more times this holiday season. It’s amazing the emotions that come over you once you drive away. Hope to see you soon! XO

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