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Sugar Overdose

Wanna know what’s more sickening than stuffing your face with Laffy Taffy, Almond Joy, Snickers, York and Pay Day candy?

Going into the archives and pulling up your babies pics from every single one of their Halloweens.

Time is so cruel. So, so cruel.

A reminder to take each day and appreciate them while they are monkeys, and peacocks, and candy corns, and butterflies….

A stroll down October 31st memory lane:









{2010 ~ Fall Festival}

{2010 ~ Trick-or-Treating : ballerina & chicken}

{2011 ~ Fall Festival}

{2011 ~ Trick-or-Treating}

{2012 ~ Fall Festival}

{2012 ~ Trick-or-Treating}


There you have it….eight years of costumes {some recycled!}, candy and sweet, sweet memories.

I’m in a sugar coma.

Happy Halloween!


The Mummy & The Cheerleader

Today I was able to already check off {Halloween costumes} on my October to-do list.

Thank goodness.

I always stress over this.



Elliott wanted to be a cheerleader.


I suggested she be a {scary} cheerleader and she was all for it. Rah. Rah. I found a cheerleader costume in orange and black sequins with a skull and crossbones on the front at TJ Maxx ~ just $19.99 and it came with skeleton pom poms, black and orange striped knee highs and some little fingerless glove thingys. Score.

She already has silver sequined high tops so we’re all set.

So this year we have a little mummy and a spooky, sparkly spirit girl.

Awesome. Now I can breathe and enjoy the whole month of October.

Halloween decor coming out this week.

How is it possible that it’s already that time?

I don’t know, but I’m not complaining.

Enjoy the last hour and fifteen of September!

Night night.


The Ballerina & The Chicken

Well, it looks like it’s going to be a low maintenance Halloween.

Elliott wants to be a ballerina instead of Dorothy.


I really wanted her to skip around door-to-door in her ruby slippers and blue and white gingham dress, hair in braids and a little basket on her arm with Toto peeking out!

Oh well. She wants to wear her costume from June’s dance recital…

Remember this one?

I tried to tell her she could be a “Dorothy Ballerina” and wear a tutu under her blue and white gingham dress.

Uh. No. Not goin’ for it.

So a recycled dance recital ballerina it is!

Holdy will also be going green and recycling a hand-me-down chicken costume from Babystyle.

Man I miss that place. They had the BEST costumes.

Both my kiddos were the peacock….LOVED that one!

{Google Images}

Of course, he will be an organic, free range, grass fed chicken.

There you have it.

The Aspiras’ are reducing, reusing and recycling this Halloween.

Done and done.

Looking forward to our annual pot o chili and jalapeƱo cornbread muffins after we trick-or-treat. Searching for my goulish cocktail for this year…last year’s was more like a trick, not a treat.

Any spooky suggestions for Halloween Happy Hour?

Happy Tuesday!