The Mummy & The Cheerleader

Today I was able to already check off {Halloween costumes} on my October to-do list.

Thank goodness.

I always stress over this.



Elliott wanted to be a cheerleader.


I suggested she be a {scary} cheerleader and she was all for it. Rah. Rah. I found a cheerleader costume in orange and black sequins with a skull and crossbones on the front at TJ Maxx ~ just $19.99 and it came with skeleton pom poms, black and orange striped knee highs and some little fingerless glove thingys. Score.

She already has silver sequined high tops so we’re all set.

So this year we have a little mummy and a spooky, sparkly spirit girl.

Awesome. Now I can breathe and enjoy the whole month of October.

Halloween decor coming out this week.

How is it possible that it’s already that time?

I don’t know, but I’m not complaining.

Enjoy the last hour and fifteen of September!

Night night.


3 thoughts on “The Mummy & The Cheerleader”

  1. You’re lucky the kids are so good about picking out their costumes. Sophie changes her mind nearly every day. We’ve gone from Ladybug Girl (again) to a ballerina to a butterfly t0 a fairy to a little witch, and back again. And it’s not October yet!!

  2. We are SUPPOSED to have a Lightning McQueen and a Spiderman but we’ll see if they change their minds…Halloween decor comes out today!!!

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