Sugar Overdose

Wanna know what’s more sickening than stuffing your face with Laffy Taffy, Almond Joy, Snickers, York and Pay Day candy?

Going into the archives and pulling up your babies pics from every single one of their Halloweens.

Time is so cruel. So, so cruel.

A reminder to take each day and appreciate them while they are monkeys, and peacocks, and candy corns, and butterflies….

A stroll down October 31st memory lane:









{2010 ~ Fall Festival}

{2010 ~ Trick-or-Treating : ballerina & chicken}

{2011 ~ Fall Festival}

{2011 ~ Trick-or-Treating}

{2012 ~ Fall Festival}

{2012 ~ Trick-or-Treating}


There you have it….eight years of costumes {some recycled!}, candy and sweet, sweet memories.

I’m in a sugar coma.

Happy Halloween!


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