I am writing this post merely to help pass the time until I can put the second coat of chalkboard paint on my soon-to-be MENU.

{after first coat}

I’m tryyyying to be a patient crafter and wait the recommended 4 hours between coats, but the reality of the situation is that I want the last coat to be dry, the tape off, the chalkboard conditioned, a sweet sentiment sprawled across it and hung on the wall.

Torture, I tell you.

This is the look that I am trying to achieve….


I am loving the gold, ornate frame around a black chalkboard these days…


Once this baby is all complete, I will let you know all the steps needed to whip up one of these beauties at home.

So far, so good. Pretty easy.

It’s the waiting that’s KILLING me.

2 thoughts on “Torture”

  1. Yes, you must! It’s so easy, but requires A LOT of patience! I plan to turn lots of things into chalkboards!
    Let me know how it turns out….I will do a little tutorial once I get the board conditioned and get my first message up there! Have a fantastic vacation wherever you are! XO

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