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I am writing this post merely to help pass the time until I can put the second coat of chalkboard paint on my soon-to-be MENU.

{after first coat}

I’m tryyyying to be a patient crafter and wait the recommended 4 hours between coats, but the reality of the situation is that I want the last coat to be dry, the tape off, the chalkboard conditioned, a sweet sentiment sprawled across it and hung on the wall.

Torture, I tell you.

This is the look that I am trying to achieve….


I am loving the gold, ornate frame around a black chalkboard these days…


Once this baby is all complete, I will let you know all the steps needed to whip up one of these beauties at home.

So far, so good. Pretty easy.

It’s the waiting that’s KILLING me.

Wear-it Wednesday

I am loving all these designers that are teaming up with TargĂ©…geez, now it’s Jean Paul Gaultier.

About 2 years ago I got these Loeffler Randall gold ballet flats and I can’t remember life without them.

They’ve gotten soaked in the rain, the dog has chewed one of them…but I can’t part with them just yet.

I adore the neutral metallic color and the sweet rosettes. You can dress them up ~ or down. Love, love, love them! Metallic shoes are the perfect pick-me-up to any outfit and let you feel like you have a little “bling” to help carry you through your day. I am still kicking myself because I passed up a pair of dirt cheap peep toe flats in bronze around the holidays. I know they would’ve gotten just as much love as the goldies above.

I also ordered this Felix Rey canvas tote from Target on-line (thanks to this cute blog: louiselovesit.com) that I have been keeping under wraps until Spring (10 days!). I think it’ll be the perfect piece to spruce up any yoga pants and wife beater ensemble. It will also go nicely with these!

Now, off to search for some silver Havaianas for Summer.

Oh, and if Michael Kors ever collaborates with the red bulls eye, I will be ALL OVER that stuff!