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Psycho Bozo

While killing some time in Kohl’s last week, I found some 49¢ inspiration for Holden’s 5th birthday party…yes, the one that is 11 months away.

There were some cute felt flags with a {circus} theme. They were 90% off! Five of them remained and that was a sign for me that I had to pick them up and use them as a springboard for H’s half-decade celebration.

I love all the bright, bold colors.

So, yes, I am psycho when it comes to planning parties ~ now it’s official if it wasn’t already.

I think a Circus/Carnival theme will be so fun to put together.

And I promise it will be {classy}…no scary clowns or carny material will be on the guest list!

Squirrels & Coconuts

Spent some more time on Polyvore to get inspired for Elliott’s {Outdoorsy/Nature Girl} party in May…

E's 6th

Lots of clear glass containers filled with all sorts of goodness from gummy caterpillars to froggy yo-yos to Arnold Palmers.

Loving the turquoise & orange combo.

The {wedding} sign will obviously read something more like {Party this way!} or {A Woodsy Welcome!}. I just loved the organic, handmade feel of it.

Spray painted pine cones. Pin The Fairy on The Flower. Live owls.

Getting excited with a couple other goodies up my sleeve that I will share soon!


Do you munch on Luna bars? I love them for mornings when it’s a little too hectic to prepare steel cut oats or pull the blender out for a smoothie. My faves are Lemon Zest and Chocolate Peppermint Stick, BUT…..there is a new kid on the block and she is swiftly taking the lead…

Chocolate. Dipped. Coconut.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am coocoo for coconut!

If you also adore this fruit and in need of an occasional quick breakfast or snack, you must pick a couple of these up.


Happy soon-to-be Friday….we’re almost there!


Flip Flop Fiestas ~ Theme

I decided to put together a little 5 part series on my idea of how to {plan the perfect, budget-friendly party}. I think some people are overwhelmed by planning parties and I want to try to make it {easier}. I only have experience with small, homespun parties that I’ve thrown for my kids, but in my opinion, those are the best kind!

Each day this week, I will talk about one of the FIVE categories of party planning in my book:

Theme, Invitations, Venue & Decor, Food, Activities & Favors


Part 1 ~ Choosing A Theme

I prefer to come up with a theme WAY in advance. Partly because of my self-diagnosed OCD, but partly because it makes party planning easier in my opinion.

The theme can be something that your child is currently into like a character, book or movie. It can be inspired by an outfit or costume, or just something that YOU, the party planner, want to do {tip: the younger your kids are, the easier it is to choose the theme yourself!}

For example, Elliott’s 2nd birthday was a {Western} theme after I found a darling {le top} dress with horses and fringe down the sides. I used that as my springboard.

Holden’s 2nd birthday was a {Creepy Crawly Critter} theme because I found bug catchers and nets at Target for 75% off which I used as the favors!

The simplest of things can become inspiration for your party ~ your theme can be as simple as a color ~ a PINK or GREEN party, for instance. Once you’ve decided on a theme, sky’s the limit!

I keep my eyes peeled for anything that coordinates with my theme that is on sale or cheap and I pick it up and stash it away in the guest room closet. {shhhh, that is my secret hiding place} I shop the after holiday sales at Target for plates, cups, napkins, etc. that may tie in with what I’ve chosen.

Think outside the box. Your child’s favorite book can easily become the theme as seen here with this {The Giving Tree} party:

How darling is that?

And I LOVE this one from Beth over at Odd Girl Out?…{Harry and The Henderson’s} party:

C’mon now…I canNOT handle the creativity here.

{I haven’t even seen the movie and I’m in love!}

Proof that a party can be inspired by ANYTHING!


Once you have your theme, you need to figure out your guest list and decide how you’re going to let them know about your celebration…


Coming up tomorrow, Part 2: Invitations!