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Squirrels & Coconuts

Spent some more time on Polyvore to get inspired for Elliott’s {Outdoorsy/Nature Girl} party in May…

E's 6th

Lots of clear glass containers filled with all sorts of goodness from gummy caterpillars to froggy yo-yos to Arnold Palmers.

Loving the turquoise & orange combo.

The {wedding} sign will obviously read something more like {Party this way!} or {A Woodsy Welcome!}. I just loved the organic, handmade feel of it.

Spray painted pine cones. Pin The Fairy on The Flower. Live owls.

Getting excited with a couple other goodies up my sleeve that I will share soon!


Do you munch on Luna bars? I love them for mornings when it’s a little too hectic to prepare steel cut oats or pull the blender out for a smoothie. My faves are Lemon Zest and Chocolate Peppermint Stick, BUT…..there is a new kid on the block and she is swiftly taking the lead…

Chocolate. Dipped. Coconut.

In case you haven’t noticed, I am coocoo for coconut!

If you also adore this fruit and in need of an occasional quick breakfast or snack, you must pick a couple of these up.


Happy soon-to-be Friday….we’re almost there!


Taste Test Tuesday

My bro-in-law works for Glacéau, the makers of vitaminwater. He was in town a couple weeks back and delivered two cases of brand-spankin’ new formulas and flavors ~ which aren’t even on the shelves yet.

Facebook had a contest where fans could essentially choose a new flavor of vitaminwater and the winner was…..Black Cherry Lime!

I don’t drink the ones that have calories, but I tried this one and it was pretty tasty.

He also brought some NEW vitaminwater ZERO which will eventually replace the vitaminwater10 ~ apparently 10 calories was too many for some people! This new flavor is  grape-raspberry and I. LOVE. IT. I don’t normally drink these, but it’s nice to periodically treat myself to one instead of H2O during my workouts.

I always see these Go Girl energy drinks at the store and I think the name is so cute (plus a portion of the proceeds to to breast cancer research). I picked one up and did a little taste test.

The verdict:

I like the flavor of the vitaminwater, but I like the carbonation of the Go Girl. I think the color of the GG was a little bit of a turn off – maybe dial down the “pinkness” a few notches? But the GG has a citrus taste which I did enjoy.

So, I guess, with that said, I like them equally as far as energy drinks go…

…but I know the best thing is good ‘ol H2O, so I will stick to that and occasionally treat myself to some bling’d out version ~ plus I don’t really ever feel ENERGIZED after drinking an energy drink!

Do you?