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One A Month ~ 2011 In Review

Last year I challenged myself to review the year with just one photo from each month. It was hard because there were so many picture perfect moments.

2011 was no different, but I was able to relive all beautiful memories month by month with just one picture….gotta play by the rules!

: January ~ Snow in Valencia! :

: February ~ Holden celebrated {4} with a trip to the local fire station :

: March ~ Elliott goes to cheer camp :

: April ~ Jay after mud run @ Lake Castaic :

: May ~ Elliott & friends hunting tadpoles at her 6th birthday party @ Placerita Canyon State Park :

: June ~ Last day of kindergarten :

: July ~ Summer vacation in Myrtle Beach with Lolo & Lola :

: August ~ HOT back-to-school days :

: September ~ First Padres game at Petco Park over Labor Day weekend :

: October ~ Annual Yosemite visit :

: November ~ Welcoming in the holiday season @ Disneyland :

: December ~ Chocolate overload @ m&m World in Vegas :


Twelve moments frozen in time.

Looking forward to many more of these happy times in {twenty twelve} whether they be digitally captured or just simple memories of the everyday.

Dye Another Day

I had all intentions of dying my grays in time for the Easter Bunny.

But after little missy fell ill, I just told myself, “Dye another day!”

So, I mentioned this stuff last week…

{pure darkest brown}

I’ve noticed, while looking at pictures of myself over the years, that I like my hair darker ~ almost black. I do not do the highlights thing. I am a one color all over girl. I have mucho grays. I need to color the ‘do about every 5-6 weeks. I get my hair professionally colored about twice a year, but to save money in between, I color it myself at home.

I hate coloring it myself at home.

Drips. Drops. Spills. Stains.

I’d heard about these new foams or mousses and decided to give it a try.

Love. It.

I was able to color my hairs this morning despite the kids running around screaming. No mess. No drips. GREAT coverage. Pleasant smell.

I picked this up on sale at Target for about 8 bucks.

Bottom line…doesn’t matter if I spend $80 or $8, the grays still reappear after 3 weeks! My hair follicles do not know the diff. I am thrilled that I can now do touch up between my twice a year professional colorings with ease.

For root touch ups I use this…

It’s fantastic and blends well with any professional hair color. Have used it MANY times and will continue to do so.

But today I needed the whole she-bang! I highly recommend L’Oreal Sublime Mousse.

The second best thing about this mousse?

It’s calorie free.


Totally Desperate Mom ~ A Book Report

A couple months ago I ordered Wendy Hagen’s, Totally Desperate Mom, from my local Barnes & Noble.

I immediately began reading it and noticed right away that it’s a very quick and easy read if you don’t have to deal with sippy cup refills, short order mac n cheese requests, wiping butts, cleaning up dog vomit, sopping up spills, crustless pb&j’s, cleaning, vacuuming, laundry, time outs, picking up dog poop, practicing sight words, helping with homework, unloading the dishwasher and the like.

I {finally} finished up this book over Spring Break and wanted to offer my review…

This book is a necessity and full of {nutrients} for ALL moms.

Wendy offers faith and hope for moms who have suffered the loss of a child or women having difficulty conceiving, encouragement and support for {present} moms and a raw, honest warning of what is to come for {future} mamas!

There were many “oh good, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks/does this” moments along the way in this book for me. Some tears and giggles preceded and followed these thoughts, too.

This book is a must for your mama library and a nice read if you have a couple hours {alone} out by the pool or at the beach!

Please visit Wendy’s blog here and order your book here now!

You are more than welcome to borrow mine as long as you don’t have any outstanding library fees. 😉

Happy Monday!