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Dye Another Day

I had all intentions of dying my grays in time for the Easter Bunny.

But after little missy fell ill, I just told myself, “Dye another day!”

So, I mentioned this stuff last week…

{pure darkest brown}

I’ve noticed, while looking at pictures of myself over the years, that I like my hair darker ~ almost black. I do not do the highlights thing. I am a one color all over girl. I have mucho grays. I need to color the ‘do about every 5-6 weeks. I get my hair professionally colored about twice a year, but to save money in between, I color it myself at home.

I hate coloring it myself at home.

Drips. Drops. Spills. Stains.

I’d heard about these new foams or mousses and decided to give it a try.

Love. It.

I was able to color my hairs this morning despite the kids running around screaming. No mess. No drips. GREAT coverage. Pleasant smell.

I picked this up on sale at Target for about 8 bucks.

Bottom line…doesn’t matter if I spend $80 or $8, the grays still reappear after 3 weeks! My hair follicles do not know the diff. I am thrilled that I can now do touch up between my twice a year professional colorings with ease.

For root touch ups I use this…

It’s fantastic and blends well with any professional hair color. Have used it MANY times and will continue to do so.

But today I needed the whole she-bang! I highly recommend L’Oreal Sublime Mousse.

The second best thing about this mousse?

It’s calorie free.



I whipped up some homemade Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub for Elliott’s preschool teacher, Miss Linda, as part of her end-of-the-year thank you gift.

It’s the easiest thing ever.

1/2 cup brown sugar

1/2 cup regular sugar

3/4 cup vegetable oil

6 drops vanilla extract

That’s it!

Pour oil into a clear glass container, then add the sugars and vanilla.


That’s it!

I found the recipe here. {It calls for equal parts oil and sugars, but I bumped up the oil by 1/4 cup…too dry otherwise}

Dollar Tree had these cute little glass jars.

I had the oil, sugars and vanilla and leftover zebra ribbon from her party.

Easy. Peasy.

I added a little plastic spoon to make it easy to stir up and scoop before use.

Looking forward to trying the peppermint one for Christmas!