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The Energizer Turkey

For Christmas dinner this year, we did another brined turkey on the Weber…

Jay was in charge of the bird and I handled the sides.

Cornbread & sausage stuffing, Ina Garten’s mashed potatoes with homemade gravy {thanks Unc!}, maple glazed carrots, green bean casserole, roasted butternut squash and grilled turkey topped with Trader Joe’s cranberry orange relish {omg!} ~ you MUST pick up some of this stuff next Thanksgiving if you haven’t already discovered it! {you can find all the recipes on this post}

Yesterday I made turkey salad for sandwiches for Gramma, Grunc & Jill to take on the road as they headed home.

With still so much turkey, I decided to do a turkey tetrazzini this evening ~ looks like we’ll be eating this for dinner until Twenty Twelve, literally…

I searched through several recipes and decided on this one. It had the least amount of cream, butter and cheese in it.

I made a few changes/substitutions:

Used a whole box of whole wheat spaghetti {16 ounces}

Used 4 cups chopped turkey

Used {8 ounces} of white mushrooms, coarsely chopped

Omitted the pimentos and used one whole red pepper and some leftover frozen veggies {peas, carrots, green beans and corn} I sautéed the pepper with the onions and mushrooms

I used one can of cream of mushroom soup with roasted garlic to add flavor

Doubled the amount of chicken stock {1 cup} and used {1/2 cup} Chardonnay in place of the dry sherry ~ doubled it since I used the whole package of pasta

To try to keep it on the lighter side, I DID NOT double the amounts of cheese ~ used about 1.5 cups of sharp cheddar and a little over 1/2 cup of parmesan

I added some drizzles of Sriracha to mine ~ now that’s a spicy tetrazzini!

It was actually really good and reminded me of Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti.

Still looks like the kids are going to have some turkey quesadillas this week and possibly some turkey hash for breakfast.

The turkey that keeps on going, and going…….

Adios Dominos!

We did pizzas on the grill again last weekend and they were even better than the first time.

This time I used only one package of Trader Joe’s dough, divided it in half and made two thinner crust pizzas. This resulted in a much more crisp crust and not so filling….yum!

We tried the garlic & herb variety this round and it was out of this world. I had some leftover meat sauce in the freezer that I thawed out and used. Jay grilled some zucchini, a rainbow of peppers and an onion which we added to one pizza. The other was my all time fave ~ pepperoni & pineapple!

I don’t think we’ll need to dial out for Dominos or Pizza Hut anytime soon.

Sorry delivery boy!


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ Monday, 7.12.10

1 cup coffee with 2 tbsp. creamer: 2 points

Oatmeal with 1/2 banana: 3 points

Grilled veggies, cucumber and 1 tbsp. chive cream cheese on sandwich thin: 3 points

Same sammie for snack later in the day because it was SOO good!: 3 points

Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken meal: 7 points

Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwich: 2 points

Total: 20 points


Stayed home because Holden had a fever. ;-(

DIY Pizza Pie

We grilled our first pizzas over the weekend.

They were fantastic. Very rustic, but fantastic!

BBQ Chicken & Grilled Veggie with Fresh Mozarella

1. Pick up some pizza dough at Trader Joe’s.

2. Follow direction on package and roll out dough, prick with a fork and brush with olive oil.

3. Cook dough directly on the grill first and then add your toppings.

4. We grilled some eggplant, peppers, onions and chicken.

5. Spread on sauce, toppings and cheese.

6. Put back on the grill until cheese is melted and bubbly.

7. Sprinkle some cilantro confetti onto the BBQ Chicken Pizza.

8. Cut and enjoy!