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Home Run

This morning Holden had his last t-ball game.

Last night while I was tucking him in, I told him to get a good night’s sleep so he’d be well rested for his game in the morning…

He said, “I’m going to catch the ball for you, Mama!”

Bless his heart.

He tried and tried to catch the ball {for me} to no avail which resulted in him exiting the field on the verge of tears and come to me and say, “I can’t catch the ball for you!”

Broke my heart.

Of course I assured him that it was an awesome game and that he had a great couple hits.

Gonna miss those cute little munchkins in orange shirts…..


This evening’s dinner was definitely a home run, though.

Coconut Chicken and Curried Quinoa with Cilantro & Pineapple

If you’ve been flopping along with me for awhile now, you’ll know that I love all things coconut so this was a must try.

Absolutely delish.

We’re trying to eat more quinoa and less rice and pasta. I’m always trying to find new mix-ins to doctor it up. Tonight I sauteed some onion and garlic along with some curry powder for a bit before adding in 1 cup rinsed quinoa and 2 cups water. {normally I use chicken stock}. Once the quinoa was done cooking, I stirred in chopped cilantro and about half a small can of crushed pineapple.

I was afraid the quinoa would be too bland without the stock, but it was perfect with the chicken.

{you could certainly make rice and stir in the cilantro and pineapple before serving, too!}

A festive summertime meal for backyard al fresco dining.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Adios Dominos!

We did pizzas on the grill again last weekend and they were even better than the first time.

This time I used only one package of Trader Joe’s dough, divided it in half and made two thinner crust pizzas. This resulted in a much more crisp crust and not so filling….yum!

We tried the garlic & herb variety this round and it was out of this world. I had some leftover meat sauce in the freezer that I thawed out and used. Jay grilled some zucchini, a rainbow of peppers and an onion which we added to one pizza. The other was my all time fave ~ pepperoni & pineapple!

I don’t think we’ll need to dial out for Dominos or Pizza Hut anytime soon.

Sorry delivery boy!


Flip Flop Fitness Update ~ Monday, 7.12.10

1 cup coffee with 2 tbsp. creamer: 2 points

Oatmeal with 1/2 banana: 3 points

Grilled veggies, cucumber and 1 tbsp. chive cream cheese on sandwich thin: 3 points

Same sammie for snack later in the day because it was SOO good!: 3 points

Lean Cuisine Sesame Chicken meal: 7 points

Skinny Cow mint ice cream sandwich: 2 points

Total: 20 points


Stayed home because Holden had a fever. ;-(

Rice To Riches

I first had Pineapple Fried Rice at Thai Basil in downtown Sunnyvale.

Um, WOW! I’m normally a spicy yellow curry and pad thai girl, but this rice would change that. It’s different than your standard Chinese fried rice dish which I don’t even order.

We had some leftover rice and Korean BBQ beef (bulgogi) and decided to try our hand at making some of our own pineapple fried rice. First of all, if you haven’t tried bulgogi, don’t let the name scare you…it’s delish. I know Costco has had it in the past and Trader Joe’s now carries it right next to the marinated carne asada in the refrigerated section.

We loosely followed this recipe. We added the chopped beef, but this would also be excellent with some shrimp, chicken or some leftover pork chops, too. We used soy sauce in place of the fish sauce and bumped up the curry powder a skosh.

Garnished with green onion and cilantro confetti…

Oh man was it good….I felt like I was back at Thai Basil or Siam Thai in Morgan Hill.

I love when we’re able to create restaurant quality food at home!

So please, take your plain, leftover, don’t-know-what-to-do-with steamed white rice and make this. It’s sweet from the pineapple and raisins, spicy from the chili and crunchy & salty from the cashews!

Tricked Out Tuna

If you love tuna as much as I do, then you may be looking for some new ways to take it up a notch.

My good friend, Nancy, makes hers with lemon and dill…seriously delish!

I like to do a sweet and spicy version with crushed pineapple, red peppers and wasabi mayo. If you like wasabi and you haven’t discovered TJ’s Wasabi Mayo yet, go check it out.

And finally, the hubby has his own twist on tuna!

Lemon Dill Tuna Salad

1 can albacore tuna in water, drained and flaked

mini dill pickles, finely chopped

mayo (amount to your preference)

Squeeze of lemon

A couple shakes of dill weed (or fresh)

Mix together and serve on sourdough or by itself on a bed of lettuce.

Pineapple Wasabi Tuna Salad

1 can albacore tuna in water, drained and flaked

red pepper, finely chopped

crushed pineapple plus a tad bit of the juice

Wasabi mayo (amount to your preference)

This is great on multigrain bread (I like Milton’s)

Protein Packed Tuna Salad

(Jay’s recipe)

1 can albacore tuna in water, drained and flaked

1 hard-boiled egg, chopped

Red onion, minced

Sweet pickle relish

Celery salt

Fresh groud pepper

Mayo (of course!)

All three are great with a thin slice of Swiss cheese, too.

Today I had the Lemon Dill on a nice big bed of Spring mix & veggies.

Couldn’t post this without mentioning Jessica Simpson…(“is this chicken?”)

Coming up this weekend…Slow cooked French Dip Sliders & “Everything But…” Chopped Salad