AmYSOccer Mom

Well, it’s official…I’m not only a soccer mom, but a soccer coach mom!

I’ll be channeling my {non-existent} inner Brandi Chastain and coaching Holden’s U6 team this fall.

Scary since the last time I “played” soccer was circa 1983 in PE class at Wangenheim Junior High. However, the nice people at AYSO assure me that I can coach these cute boys with no prior soccer experience and one training session. {there weren’t enough coaches for this age group, so they needed volunteers}

I’m up for the challenge!

I received my roster and a coach’s bag complete with brand-spankin’-new soccer balls and orange cones! I’ve contacted my team and we’re meeting next week.

Elliott is also playing for the first time this season and I just got the e-mail from her coach this morning. Practice starts for her this coming Monday.


I’m excited and super nervous all at the same time.

I may drop to my knees at the end of the season, but I promise not to strip down to my sports bra! {wink. wink.}

4 thoughts on “AmYSOccer Mom”

  1. Congratulations on your new “hat”, Amy! The boys will love and respect you. And, the team comraderie will be so much fun! Can hardly wait to see both Elliott and Holden be part of their teams! Go! Aspiras Family!!!! A little Olympics right here in Valencia!

  2. Thanks, Mom! I already have a Pinterest board for the end of the season party…ridiculous! Looking forward to you being our official cheerleader! 😉

  3. go, lady, go! how fun! i have SUCH great memories of my mom being one of the “team mom’s” and SOOOOOOO wishing she was an assistant coach!

  4. Thank you! Everyone’s kind words here will get me through this first season. I know it’ll be great once all the initial paperwork and recruiting volunteers gets over with. Hoping my kids can look back with great memories with me, too. I’m sure your mama was the best team mom ever. XO

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