Party Like Julie Andrews ~ My Favorite Things Party

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My Favorite Things parties are popping up on pin boards lately and two of my friends have hosted them ~ here and here.

The idea of the party is to share your favorite things with other guests and vice versa. You bring 3-5 {based on how many guests} of your favorite goodies and go home with the same amount of fun new treats. My friend, Vicki, hosted a small mama’s night on Saturday night and we sat around getting caught up, noshing on some yummy eats, sipping some mama drinks and passing around our favorite things.

I brought BBQ chicken pizza…

…and the makings for mango micheladas!

We also had homemade chicken enchiladas, Texas Trash dip and a fruit and veggie platter.

For dessert I brought my new fave, Sugar Cookie Bars

Vicki pinned this cute idea to use cut citrus fruit in a clear vase with her favorite flowers as the centerpiece…

Here’s how it all goes down:

Choose one or two of your favorite things {we kept it at $5 or less} and buy how ever many the hostess requests. Some ladies brought 3 different items which is fine, too! {I brought three of the same thing}

Wrap them up.

At the beginning of the party, write your name on a little scrap of paper 3 times {or the same number of times as the goodies you brought} fold them up and place them into a bowl or basket.

When you’re ready to exchange, pick out the same number of names that you put in, making sure not to pick your own name or any duplicates.

Sit down and go around presenting your treats to the names you’ve picked.

Have everyone open them and talk about why it’s your fave, where you can buy it, etc.

By the end of the night you should go home with a few goods and ideas of other stuff you want to buy yourself!

Here are a few of my favorite things…

 {a big sugar cookie bar slab, sweet notecards from Michaels, Seventh Generation Lavender Floral & Mint dish soap and a bonus sampling of some Emergen-C and a little iced tea packet}

Each mama got one of the cute notecard packs, just wanted to show you the different ones ~ aren’t they adorable? Again, Michaels for $1.50!

I made some little goodie bags for my loot with some plain gift bags that I doctored up with little felt flowers, a tag and some washi tape…

{here is a tutorial for making the felt roses}

It was so fun to sit around and see what everyone brought. I came home with some B&BW Country Chic body spray, See’s Candies Scotch Kisses, Dove Dark Chocolate and Ghirardelli Mint Squares!

{The See’s Scotch Kisses? To-die-for. How have I never had those ’til now?}

Love it all, but will have to do an extra 100 miles on the elliptical to make up for all that chocolate. And at least I have my body spray for after my workouts….another scent I haven’t tried ~ Country Chic {key fragrance notes: sparkling lemon, bright wildflowers, and spring wood}!

A couple other fave things that went around on Saturday night…Red Velvet candle from Target and the ever favorite Starbucks gift card.

{you need this!}


So, you need to host a MFT party! A Fall or Christmas inspired theme would be so fun…yes or yes?

Do it.

Thanks again for hosting, Vicki.

Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Party Like Julie Andrews ~ My Favorite Things Party”

  1. You’ve totally changed my thinking on My Favorite Things parties. I’ve never seen them anytime but Christmas. Why couldn’t I have one now?! I think I will. 🙂

  2. Oh yay! Yes, you must have one….I can’t wait to host one of my own now! Such a fun mama/girlie evening. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 😉 I’d love to hear about your party if and when you have one. XO

  3. “Brown-paper packages tied up with string (s)”, you young Moms are reminding me of my favorite things! Great idea! Love the notes (on my way to Michael’s) and the citrus fruit in with the sunflowers! Keep these ideas coming!!

  4. i’ve been thinking about hosting one of these for my girlfriends and pretty sure i’m going to do it now! you’ve convinced me! plus just added the sugar cookies to my weekend “to do” – look amazing! have you tried the something orange target candle? it’s the orange one and i can’t recall (peeled the label off) what word is before orange, but you need it, too!

  5. It was so much fun, Christi! Can’t wait to host one myself…who comes up with these cute ideas? 😉

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