Blank Pages

In just two shorts weeks, we’ll have two kids in elementary school.

How is that possible?

We have turned in all but one form to the school office, shopped for a {big boy} backpack, tried on and purchased new Vans, picked up a few t-shirts here, some shorts there and checked off the school supply list with things like crayons, plastic folder, glue sticks, etc.


It seems like just yesterday my Target lists included diapers, wipes, Gerber puffs and jarred baby food.

Now he asks that all his shirts display a skull and crossbones…

In just 2 short weeks, he/we will be starting a whole new chapter.

Trying so hard to fill the last blank pages of this chapter with fun memories. No more impromptu play dates on a Wednesday morning. No more lounging in pajamas ’til lunch.

My baby will be in school five days a week from about 8am – 2pm. He will have sight words and homework.

But at the same time, he’ll make new friends {which he’s really good at!} and will hopefully develop a love for school just as Elliott did.

Speaking of blank pages…he has just two untouched pages in his baby book that I’ve been dilligently keeping for the past almost 5 1/2 years…

“My First School Day”

With lots of blanks to fill in ~ what I wore, teacher’s name, what I was proud of, names of my new friends and a spot for his picture.

Looking forward to scanning the bulletin board for his name to see who his teacher will be and getting started on his educational career.

He’s ready.

Not sure if I am.

Those last two pages in the {baby book} will be hard to complete….

2 thoughts on “Blank Pages”

  1. thinking about you as you prepare to “send him off.” i can only imagine. those last two pages will be filled and the next chapter will bring more memories … filling those pages with a few tears is totally ok (and let’s be honest, my childn’s last two pages would be sopping wet).

  2. Awww, thank you! It really is so surreal…why do all these milestones seem like they come so quickly. You’re going to be a fabulous mama and his/her/their baby book will be filled with all sorts of wonderful memories, I know. I am so thankful for Blog Land and Instagram to have {met} you! Looking forward to our lunch next month! XO

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