Thriving Thursday

Even though Holden was at the edge of our bed at 5:46am holding a diaper and wipe just waiting patiently for me to open my eyes, our Thursday got off to a great start.

I managed to get him out of his jammies and dressed prior to 8:00 ~ this is a feat in itself.

Elliott was dressed in her cute brown and white pinstriped dress for her “Cap & Gown” pictures this morning (didn’t matter what she had on though, it wasn’t going to show!).

They were playing nicely while I actually applied make-up, flat ironed my ‘do and put on my new fun scarf:

Targé ~ $3.74

Thought it’d go well with my red pants!

We were ready to head out the door to school by 8:19am! Things were going our way…we had our “X” for xylophone puzzle piece for Share Day and the letter ‘X” (that’s a hard one!) and a sippy filled with chocolate milk.

We were on schedule to get to school 5 minutes early (another rarity) and wouldn’t you know it…the darn arm at the train tracks was stuck so the traffic was major backed up. I tried to outsmart everyone and go make a U-turn…NOPE! Still stuck. Tried to go make a right and another U-turn and got stuck again! We were now 5 minutes LATE!

But then, things turned around and Holden and I got several errands done in 2 hours. Post Office, bank, Dollar Tree & Wal-mart! Jealous?

We I caved and grabbed these at the checkout:

They are very tasty and proven to help keep a 3-year old awake in the car on the ride home!


I also wanted to share a few of my recent Targé finds aside from my colorful scarf.

I’ve mentioned my affinity for the reddish-orange clearance stickers, right? Well, I hit the jackpot last Friday on my pre-Mother’s Day Weekend “splurge”.

Head to toe…

Fedora ~ $3.24

For those bad hair/haven’t had a chance to cover the grays days!

Then I found this number for either Elliott’s graduation or dance recital:

It’s super cute on! $6.24!

Thinking about wearing it with these:

Also über cheap from…you know where!

Then, in honor of, I had to pick up these:

Again, $3.74! Would’ve gotten them in every color, but this was it.

So, let me recap: hat, scarf, dress & flops = Like $17 (I’m cheap like that!)

Seriously, how can Jay complain about that?

Thanks, Targé! I {heart} you!


Kids are down for a nap and I am sipping on this:

I’ve definitely had worse Thursdays…

Hope you’ve had a fruitful Thursday as well!

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  1. What a way to start my Friday! Love all your finds…let’s see, who did you get that from????

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