Preschool Going On High School & Vinegar!

Last night Elliott asked me:

“When I go to Kindergarten am I going to have a locker?”

Oh dear…one step at a time, Sweetheart, one step at a time!

Let’s start out with learning to read, first!


Did you know that it’s super easy to clean your coffee maker?

That’s what I’m doing this morn…

…the coffee’s tasting a bit “off” lately and we can’t have that!

So, if you think you need a new coffee maker, try this first.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

All you need is vinegar & water and about an hour.

Here’s to a Saturday starting off with fresh, STRONG & flavorful coffee!


This weekend’s recipes: Taco Soup & JalapeƱo Spiked Cornbread and Sesame Peanut Noodles

One thought on “Preschool Going On High School & Vinegar!”

  1. Where did Elliott get the idea of a “locker”? Too much TV? Bless her searching little soul! She is so precious!!!

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