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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Day came and went and this morning I packed up the last of the dark meat and mashed potatoes & gravy for Jay’s lunch.

We hosted this year and were grateful that everyone came to us. Our long holiday weekend was filled with adventures and now we’re back to our normally scheduled routine with soccer practices, homework, religious ed classes and dance this week.

Here are a few bits and pieces of the last several days…

{simple decorations ~ a clearance vase from Target and a branch & pinecones from my morning hikes}

{kosher, Pioneer Woman brined bird on the grill}

{centerpiece from our backyard}

{our feast ~ 1. turkey {before cranberry orange relish!} 2. candied yams 3. cornbread stuffing 4. Ina’s parmesan mashed potatoes {before gravy!} 5. green bean casserole 6. maple glazed carrots ~ yum! desserts not pictured ~ sweet potato pie and Grunc’s pear ginger upside down cake}

{Black Friday CB&TL date}

{Saturday lunch at Irv’s}

{gingerbread house at The Grove}

{Sunday tree shopping}

{…and trimming}

{Sunday supper ~ crock pot beef stew}


It was a treat to have my dad {Popsi} here from Seattle, my mom {Gramma} here from San Diego and Grunc {great uncle Larry} and Auntie Jill here from Yosemite/Marin County. We all joined together to get the food on the table and consequently ate too much! Now all that’s leftover are happy memories of Thanksgiving 2012…

…and I’ll take those leftovers over a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce any day!