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Thanksgiving Leftovers

Turkey Day came and went and this morning I packed up the last of the dark meat and mashed potatoes & gravy for Jay’s lunch.

We hosted this year and were grateful that everyone came to us. Our long holiday weekend was filled with adventures and now we’re back to our normally scheduled routine with soccer practices, homework, religious ed classes and dance this week.

Here are a few bits and pieces of the last several days…

{simple decorations ~ a clearance vase from Target and a branch & pinecones from my morning hikes}

{kosher, Pioneer Woman brined bird on the grill}

{centerpiece from our backyard}

{our feast ~ 1. turkey {before cranberry orange relish!} 2. candied yams 3. cornbread stuffing 4. Ina’s parmesan mashed potatoes {before gravy!} 5. green bean casserole 6. maple glazed carrots ~ yum! desserts not pictured ~ sweet potato pie and Grunc’s pear ginger upside down cake}

{Black Friday CB&TL date}

{Saturday lunch at Irv’s}

{gingerbread house at The Grove}

{Sunday tree shopping}

{…and trimming}

{Sunday supper ~ crock pot beef stew}


It was a treat to have my dad {Popsi} here from Seattle, my mom {Gramma} here from San Diego and Grunc {great uncle Larry} and Auntie Jill here from Yosemite/Marin County. We all joined together to get the food on the table and consequently ate too much! Now all that’s leftover are happy memories of Thanksgiving 2012…

…and I’ll take those leftovers over a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce any day!

Have You Ever Fed A Sea Lion On Thanksgiving?


We have….


We finally uploaded our Thanksgiving Weekend pics to the computer and YES we did feed marine life on Turkey Day.

We took the kiddos on their maiden voyage to Sea World ~ many thanks to Gramma K for treating!

Getting his bearings:

A quick whirl on the Elmo ride:

You’d of thought we were at Disneyland with the permagrin on his face!

Gramma & Elliott bringing up the rear in the zebra Elmo:

“Petting” the manta rays:

Then it was lunchtime {for them not us!}:

Do I have to touch it?

I rolled up my sleeves and got in there:

Then we went to “Blue Horizons” {dolphin show}. I must say that they have stepped this show up and it {almost} has a little Cirque du Soleil feel to it. Costumed acrobats swinging & twirling over the tank. Divers. The whole nine. I was pretty impressed.

{Sorry. No pictures of that part, though.}

We then ventured to see the sharks followed by the sea lions.

This guy {gal?} was quite vocal:

Holden LOVED feeding these guys.

First you hold a mackerel in your hand and bring it up over your head:

…then fling it into the exhibit:

{I was thankful for warm water and antibacterial soap at this point}

We then saw the Holiday Paws show and got to pet the pot belly pig:

Then it was another visit to Santa and then some face time with Shamu.

Elliott really wanted to ice skate.

If you’re going to feed a sea lion on Thanksgiving, why not go ice skating, too?

A tuckered Holdy cuddling with Gramma:

All laced up and ready to roll….I mean skate!

If this isn’t Southern California I don’t know what is….the sun setting over the Pacific, palm tree silhouettes, sea gulls in flight:


{This part really made me miss my hometown}

Holden awoke from his power nap and was ready to join in on the rink action:

After the drive to SD and an afternoon at Sea World, we capped off our Thanksgiving with Panda Express!

It was a departure from the norm on Turkey Day, but so welcomed.

My Dad made it into San Diego late that evening and we ended up having our feast and giving our official thanks on Friday evening. We had some family friends {who my parents have known for 50 years!} join us. Holden came down with a low grade fever that afternoon so between giving him doses of Advil, making sure Toy Story 2 was playing, visiting with dear friends and eating, we didn’t get any pics of the spread! But Elliott did help Gramma earlier in the day with the stuffing:

She added plenty of pepper!

Friday afternoon before dinner we also took a drive through Balboa Park. I love driving down the 163 corridor past the zoo…so beautiful. We drove by the organ pavillion and across the bridge and reminisced about our wedding day 6 years ago.

On Saturday we were able to catch up with more old friends. Jay and Elliott went to visit one of the groomsmen in our wedding while I stayed home with Holden and kept his fever at bay. I also ran/walked to the mall near my Mom’s place to fetch our holiday ornaments which you can read about here. It was literally over the bridge and under the freeway to the Westfield mall I go! There is a trail that goes along the lake {Lake Hodges}¬†and under the 15 freeway and puts you right at the mall. So yes, I got this year’s ornaments “on foot”.

Saturday night I met up with my high school besties and we went to a 40th surprise party. It’s so nice to just be able to pick up where you left off so to speak. We met up for a pre-party libation and then their lovely 16-year old daughter drove us to and from the party. It was great to get caught up with old faces and celebrate more folks turning the BIG FOUR-OH!

That was our holiday weekend, friends!

I hope yours was just as sweet.

Happy Friday!

{Dessert} Island

How adorable is this Turkey Day dessert table by the ever so talented Amy Atlas?


Confections for the {kid} in all of us!

I love the “corn cookies” on a stick.

I don’t know about you, but I always have room for dessert on Thanksgiving {and everyday for that matter}.

I wanted to share an easy pie recipe with you…

Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Pie

Courtesy of Paula Deen.

Just a little something different than your usual suspects…apple, pumpkin & pecan.

I love shopping for the bird and all the trimmings.

Think about putting some sweet potatoes on your list this year….you won’t be disappointed!

Happy Monday ~ only about 2 days left!