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Small Fry Gets Some Skinnys

While browsing through the racks at TJMaxx last week, I came across some Hurley skinny jeans in size 3T for $7 a pair.

I didn’t have Holden with me, but figured they’d fit since he’s itty bitty…

See, he loves them!

I don’t think skinnys are OK for just anyone…in fact you will probably NEVER {ever} see me in a pair. Not even in my dreams am I wearing skinny jeans. Not because I don’t like them, I am just….well, not skinny. And if I ever DO get skinny enough to wear them, they will be long out of style!

But I LOVE my kids in them.

I think they look adorable on him. I had to convince him that they were cool, though.

“They’re skater pants!”

“Snowboarders wear these pants!”

I think it worked.


Graphic tee ~ The Children’s Place for $3

Hurley skinny jeans ~ TJ Maxx

Zapatos ~ Crazy 8

Back Pack ~ Dante Beatrix from Nordstrom {hand-me-down from Elliott}

Yellow VW bug ~ Hospital gift shop from Gramma {my first car was a yellow VW bug}


My little small fry and I wish you a Happy Friday!

{Purple} Thursday

In kindergarten there is a color system used in class for behavior.

From what I understand, everyone starts off on GREEN at the beginning of the day.

From there you can go down to YELLOW.


Red is not good.

Or, you can go up from green to PURPLE.

Purple is good.

We like purple.

Then, at the end of the day, if you are on green, you get one sticker on your card.

If you’re on purple, you get 2 stickers on your card.

When you have 15 stickers, you get to pick something out of the treasure chest.

I love the days when Elliott runs to me at pick-up and yells, “I got to go in the treasure chest!” and holds up her {treasure}.

As far as I know, she has never landed on red. I would know, I’m sure. And I would not be happy.


For me, today was a PURPLE day. One of those days where everything goes just right.

[Received an invitation to the Kindergarten Award Ceremony next week. Elliott is receiving an award!]

[Ran a quick errand and snatched up 3 birthday gifts in under 20 minutes!]

[Made great time in the Starbucks drive-thru as I picked up 2 tall skinny vanilla lattes ~ one for Elliott’s teacher and one for me!]

[Got to her parent/teacher conference a few minutes early and didn’t have to wait]

[Received a glowing review from Mrs. H…SO proud that she is excelling in reading and received beautiful citizenship marks]

[60* and sunny!]

[Noticed that our tax return was deposited! Jay neglected to tell me…ha! Wonder why!]

[Finally “sold my old gold” ~ you know the old stuff sitting around in your jewelry box…one earring here, a messed up herringbone bracelet there. It all adds up….cash money in the wallet. Cha-ching!]

[Chatted with a friend across the miles]

I would definitely say that my Thursday ended up on PURPLE.

Still need to make a spaghetti dinner and play tennis at 7:30.

Not too bad. Not too bad at all.

I guess I get 2 stickers for my card, huh?



Hope your Thursday has you on purple…or at least green.

Go ahead, choose a sticker!