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Small Fry Gets Some Skinnys

While browsing through the racks at TJMaxx last week, I came across some Hurley skinny jeans in size 3T for $7 a pair.

I didn’t have Holden with me, but figured they’d fit since he’s itty bitty…

See, he loves them!

I don’t think skinnys are OK for just anyone…in fact you will probably NEVER {ever} see me in a pair. Not even in my dreams am I wearing skinny jeans. Not because I don’t like them, I am just….well, not skinny. And if I ever DO get skinny enough to wear them, they will be long out of style!

But I LOVE my kids in them.

I think they look adorable on him. I had to convince him that they were cool, though.

“They’re skater pants!”

“Snowboarders wear these pants!”

I think it worked.


Graphic tee ~ The Children’s Place for $3

Hurley skinny jeans ~ TJ Maxx

Zapatos ~ Crazy 8

Back Pack ~ Dante Beatrix from Nordstrom {hand-me-down from Elliott}

Yellow VW bug ~ Hospital gift shop from Gramma {my first car was a yellow VW bug}


My little small fry and I wish you a Happy Friday!

Thrifty Thursday

Holden & I went to TJ Maxx this morning while Elliott was at school.

Wasn’t sure what I was looking for, but since I’m always buying clothes for the kiddos, I was mostly in “ME” mode.

Right off the bat I found a cute Roxy tank in the Junior’s section (shocker….it fits believe it or not!) for $10. Super cute ~ racerback.

After checking out the Kids/Toy section and peeling Holden away, I waltzed past the clearance dress rack only to find a gorgeous orange dress….with a spaghetti strap halter look that I just love!

I normally don’t try stuff on when I have the kids with me, but I HAD to see if this beauty fit.

Holden is still whining to go back to the toy department and trying to climb out of the cart as we arrive at the dressing rooms. The woman gives him the number to hold and we go into the handicapped room. No sooner do I strip down and he bolts out under the curtain. I’m standing there yelling at him to come back in and the dressing room attendant says, “Don’t worry…I’ll watch him.” Um…..OK, but since I don’t trust ANYONE anymore these days I step out there in my bra, orange dress up around my waist and finish getting into it right out in the front where everyone is checking in! Whatevs….gotta do whatcha gotta do.

The nice woman zipped me up and….the dress fits like a glove.

I am so pleased! Now I have a couple options for Elliott’s graduation and dance recital.

$15 people!

Here is the EXACT dress:

Love, love, love it!

Now for some beautiful sandals to go with…

…and a good strapless bra!