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Small Fry Gets Some Skinnys

While browsing through the racks at TJMaxx last week, I came across some Hurley skinny jeans in size 3T for $7 a pair.

I didn’t have Holden with me, but figured they’d fit since he’s itty bitty…

See, he loves them!

I don’t think skinnys are OK for just anyone…in fact you will probably NEVER {ever} see me in a pair. Not even in my dreams am I wearing skinny jeans. Not because I don’t like them, I am just….well, not skinny. And if I ever DO get skinny enough to wear them, they will be long out of style!

But I LOVE my kids in them.

I think they look adorable on him. I had to convince him that they were cool, though.

“They’re skater pants!”

“Snowboarders wear these pants!”

I think it worked.


Graphic tee ~ The Children’s Place for $3

Hurley skinny jeans ~ TJ Maxx

Zapatos ~ Crazy 8

Back Pack ~ Dante Beatrix from Nordstrom {hand-me-down from Elliott}

Yellow VW bug ~ Hospital gift shop from Gramma {my first car was a yellow VW bug}


My little small fry and I wish you a Happy Friday!