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Pinterest Two-fer ~ Crescent Roll Taco Braid & Pink Grapefruit Margaritas

Pinterest and I broke up for a bit.

It was too difficult during Lent.

All the sweets and desserts……

However, I am at a standstill with meals and needing to channel some healthier options and am asking Pinterest to go steady again.

NOT that this post is about healthy options ~ one step at a time!

I guess this Crescent Roll Taco Braid could possibly be skinny-fied, but this time around I used ground beef and full fat cheese. I did use one reduced fat crescent roll and one regular. This recipe makes 2 big braids…perfect for leftovers and lunches during the week. I have NO idea how one would fit a pound of ground beef, a can of black beans, a can of Rotel and 2 cups shredded cheese into ONE crescent roll tube as the recipe suggests.


{followed directions, but used two tubes of crescent rolls}


{garnish with lettuce, chopped tomatoes, light sour cream, avo/guac & a shot of Cholula : other possible toppings : jalapeños, cilantro, salsa and/or olives}

To wash it all down, I stirred up some Pink Grapefruit Margaritas. It is Spring Break after all…


I totally stopped reading the recipe and didn’t realize these were supposed to be blended. Whoopsie.

Here is what I had pinned…




The taco braid was delish! I left it in the oven a tad longer than 25 minutes to get nice and crisp, but not too overcooked. I doused mine in Cholula, of course, and used an Ortega chipotle taco seasoning packet for some more heat. For the Rotel, I used the lime & cilantro variety. I’ll definitely be making this again and next time will use ground turkey and lowfat cheese on the reduced fat crescent roll to cut fat & calories a bit.

The margs were perfect, too. Not too sweet, not too tart and a pretty shade of pink that would be perfect for a bridal shower or bachelorette party.

Or a Friday night on Spring Break.

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Drinko de Cinco

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

When Jay and I were on our honeymoon in the Virgin Islands, we were introduced to the juice of the {soursop} fruit. Wiki describes the flavor as “a combination of strawberry and pineapple with sour citrus flavor notes contrasting with an underlying creamy flavor reminiscent of coconut or banana.”

Sounds like perfect margarita material, no?

Soursop Margaritas

Yesterday while in Target, I found some {Guanabana} nectar and noticed that the picture on the can looked like the prickly soursop fruit…a quick Google search confirmed it and a couple cans landed in my cart!

39¢ at Target ~ run out and grab some now for your margaritas later!


Kicking Myself

I’ve been working on a simple, yet festive dinner menu for Cinco de Mayo.

Let me start by saying that I think we’re going to have to fetch the ice cream maker from the garage rafters and make some Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Salted Pecans for dessert!

Secondly, I saw these cactus glasses at Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago and have been thinking about them ever since…..went today and they had ONE left!


I just think they are so cute and the perfect vessel to hold these gorgeous pink Cactus Pear margaritas

Jay and I enjoyed sipping these margaritas at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Vegas and they are definitely something worth trying to recreate at home ~ the problem is where to find the cactus pear juice?!?

Tomorrow I will be tracking down some more of these {prickly} glasses and the ingredients to fill them on Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, we have our vibrant papel picado hung across the kitchen and are ready to celebrate!

{as seen here on our trip to Olvera Street over Spring Break}


Kicking myself that I didn’t pick up a set of those glasses when I first saw them.

I hate when that happens.

Meg’s Marg Plus A Bonus

Wet your whistle this Summer (or this weekend. or tonight.) with this fun twist on a margarita.

It’s courtesy of my amazing friend, Meghan.

You’ll need:

1 can limeade, defrosted
1 can Sprite, Diet Sprite, Squirt….you get the idea!
1 bottle Corona or any Mexican beer….or any beer for that matter!
1 cup tequila

Fill a large pitcher with tons of ice.
Mix limeade (do not add water!), soda, beer and tequila.
That’s it.
No blender needed!
Super refreshing and a little bubbly from the soda!

{Photo: Google Images}

Then there is the “Hop, Skip and Go Naked”.
It’s the same gist…

1 can pink lemonade, defrosted
3 beers of choice (I use some cheap Bud Light…works fine)
1 can (use the lemonade can) full of vodka

Again, fill a large pitcher with ice and mix all 3 ingredients and let chill and dilute for a bit.

It sounds totally random at first, but believe me, you’ll be hooked…even if you think you don’t like beer!

The H,S&GN was our go-to beverage last Summer. I was introduced to it from some local SCV ladies and it’s sure to quench your thirst on the upcoming HOT Summer weekends!

Enjoy responsibly.


Out With The Old, In With The Shoe!

Hello? Is anyone still out there in Blogland? I know… I’m a blog abandoner! My apologies to my reader(s)! I promise to be around more now that we have the holidays behind us. I’ve missed doing my little posts and am looking forward to getting back into a routine.

Just to recap, I think that this past holiday season was one of the BEST ever for me. I tried my best to stretch it out, slow it down and take in as much as possible. And you know what? I think it worked!

We packed a lot in, but at the same time, managed to have time to sit back and reflect on a great year.

A Disneyland trip kicked off our holidays. Turkey in San Diego. 3:30 a.m. wake-up call on Black Friday. 4 foot tree from Home Depot. Token Santa visit at mall. H1N1 mist up the nose. Holiday card send-off. Road trip to Vegas for Jay’s 40th milestone b-day. Holiday play dates. Intuit holiday party. Visited friends in Newport. Peppermint mochas. Neighborhood lights on foot. Crafting delicious holiday treats. Listening to E&H sing Christmas songs on car rides. Late night shopping excursions. Wrapping paper. Tape. Curly ribbon. Tissue paper.

It’s all gone. Lurking around the corner to make an appearance again in what will be a short 11 months.

Superbowl ~ Valentine’s Day ~ Holden’s 3rd b-day ~ St. Patrick’s Day ~ Easter ~ Elliott’s 5th b-day ~ Last day of school ~ Summer ~ First day of school ~ New routines ~ My fortieth! ~ Pumpkins ~ Halloween ~ Annual Disneyland trip ~ Turkey Day ~ Repeat most of above paragraph and we’ll be in the same spot in 2011 as we are now!

My “resolutions” this year are: 1) No excuses 2) Keep it simple

To get off to a running (literally) start in 2010, I bought these:

Yes, the tag is still intact, but these will be getting put to use this week. My goal, again, is to do the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Half Marathon in early December…I am still positive, but seeing that I can barely run a half-mile, I have a few hesitations! Especially when I see a woman who looks to be in fabulous physical shape wearing a half-marathon finisher t-shirt! Uh, do I need to look like that in order to complete 13.1 miles? If so, then I have a LONG way to go and may need more than 11 months to complete my goal! BUT, since this is the year of “no excuses”, I will hit the pavement in the above pink and silver numbers and see what comes of it! Don’t worry, you will hear about every pain and blister along the way!

Jay decided he wanted to start the new decade out with a nice bottle of tequila! Ay caramba! So, there I was on New Year’s Eve @ BevMo in the L-O-N-G line extending to the back of the store getting this:

We rang in the New Year locally (meaning ON our street!) which was awesome since we were able to cruise home on foot around 2:30 a.m. from about 20 yards away!

We used the above square bottle for some Pomegranate Margaritas ~ recipe here.

This bottle DID last us 2 nights as we continued to welcome in 2010 last night with a wonderful sushi spread provided by our lovely neighbors Bob & Sun.

Check out this spread:

and this spicy salmon hand roll:

Let me just say that 2010 is off to a great start!

Thank you to ALL our family & friends for an epic 2009! Looking forward to new friends, new traditions, new discoveries and new adventures in the upcoming year.

Wishing you peace, love, health and happiness in the next 361 days!