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Kicking Myself

I’ve been working on a simple, yet festive dinner menu for Cinco de Mayo.

Let me start by saying that I think we’re going to have to fetch the ice cream maker from the garage rafters and make some Dulce de Leche Ice Cream with Salted Pecans for dessert!

Secondly, I saw these cactus glasses at Dollar Tree a couple weeks ago and have been thinking about them ever since…..went today and they had ONE left!


I just think they are so cute and the perfect vessel to hold these gorgeous pink Cactus Pear margaritas

Jay and I enjoyed sipping these margaritas at Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Vegas and they are definitely something worth trying to recreate at home ~ the problem is where to find the cactus pear juice?!?

Tomorrow I will be tracking down some more of these {prickly} glasses and the ingredients to fill them on Saturday evening.

Meanwhile, we have our vibrant papel picado hung across the kitchen and are ready to celebrate!

{as seen here on our trip to Olvera Street over Spring Break}


Kicking myself that I didn’t pick up a set of those glasses when I first saw them.

I hate when that happens.

Five Minutes To Festive

Need a quick, easy and cheap way to decorate for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas?

I spotted this on Pinterest and knew immediately that this {craft} was made for me. Literally FIVE minutes and you’re done.

1. Grab some pinecones {Holden and I found these at our local car wash!}

2. Pick up some ribbon {I got this 5 yard roll of red grosgrain at Dollar Tree ~ they have tons of other colors, too}

3. Cut to desired length and quantity

4. Fire up your glue gun, put a generous amount of glue on the bottom of the pinecone and attach the ribbon

5. Arrange in different lengths and tie a loop or a knot at the top

{They dry in just a few minutes and are ready to hang}

How simple is that?

Next time I will cut the ribbon shorter and make them fuller with about 6-8 pinecones, but I was just playing around this morning while Holdy is at school and wanted to share with you so you could whip some up yourself!

I think one would look great on a front door…also we have two shutter-type things on either side of our garage window along the walkway to our house and I think two of these flanking the window would be a nice, simple decoration along with the little white lights that I hope to hang this year! {Jay, you hear me? ;-)}

When it comes to outdoor holiday decor, I am a minimalist.

I think these pinecone danglies fit the bill.

Happy pinecone gathering!


Beginning Of A Mantel

Trying to get the mantel {springified}.

Holden’s masterpiece from Art Night is serving as the anchor…I made a quick paper bunting out of some polka dot card stock with this template.  I just punched a couple holes in the top of each flag, strung twine through, then secured them in back with a small piece of tape.

I picked up some crystal candle holders at Dollar Tree and spray painted them orange. The idea came from here, but I decided to keep them a little more simple and streamlined with just a glass vase and small candle holder instead of the jars. First, spray paint with your color preference and then use some E6000 to marry the two. My kind of craft…wham, bam, you’re done.

When I originally saw this idea, I wanted to make them for Elliott’s party, but thought they would be fun in the meantime on the mantel to hold jelly beans and possibly some Cadbury mini eggs for Easter. They are so easy to make and can be tailored to any holiday or season…these will also make an appearance at Halloween!

It still needs something, but I’m not sure what…some good ‘ol jelly beans or chocolate eggs for a start and then maybe some daffodils in the vase…we’ll see!

Cannot believe next week is Spring Break! Where has this school year gone?

Happy Tuesday Eve!

Traditional Or Trendy?

As I am here putting certain things away and exchanging them for all things Christmas, I am noticing that I am extremely traditional when it comes to our holiday decor.

Lots and lots of red and green. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with that, but I do notice that I also LOVE holiday decor that steps out of the box…a themed tree, choosing a non-traditional color scheme and carrying that throughout the house, simplicity when it comes to decorating or completely over the top.

I am attracted to it all ~ tastefully speaking, of course!

But, our home is traditional…and I wouldn’t change it at all. A lot of our things have been passed down from generations, special gifts from family or friends or things that I have carefully chosen or kept throughout the years to bedazzle our nest during this magical time.

This is not to say that maybe when the kids are older and I have a little more time {and money}, I most likely will step out and dabble in something new. Maybe our traditional tree in the living room and a special themed tree elsewhere…choosing yellow, orange or lime green and building our decor from there.

There are literally a gazillion magazine spreads that I adore ~ here are just a few:

{all gorgeous images via}

LOVE the grouping of three skinny trees!

I’ll just “Keep Calm and Dream On”.

Speaking of “Keeping Calm”, check out what I made here:

I just need to figure out how to insert the candy cane image.

And speaking of tradition, nothing is more indicative of the holidays as peppermint!

Here are some of my current faves:

…and I haven’t picked these up yet, but you can bet they’re on the list!


How do YOU decorate for the holidays?

Dollar Store Guilty Pleasure

Remember this?

The jar that I didn’t want to fill. With candy. Because I would eat it.

Well, I filled it with this new find from the Dollar Tree…


[Chewy] Lemonhead!

I am addicted…bad.

They also have [Tropical] Chewy Lemonhead ~ the not as sour, but equally as delish cousin of the original.


…and how cute is this little fella…

He’s even wearing a Tommy Bahama shirt and [flip flops] on the Tropical box…cute! cute!

I don’t know whether to thank Ferrara Pan or not.