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From Zero To Crazy

The lazy days of summer are over.

Here’s what the last several days have looked like…{hence, my lack of posts!}

It was a…

{kindergarten teacher meet-and-greet scootering}

{mug swapping and shipping}

{germy ride enjoying}

{ice cream social-ing and 2nd grade teacher discovering}

{ukelele practicing}

{lunch packing}

{first-day-of-school skipping}

{new school clothes modeling}

{sushi lunch celebrating}

{fancy dessert-ing}

{new morning routine making}

{horse race maiden voyaging}

{pony riding}

{hawaiian ice sharing}

{secret beach finding}

{new friend making}

{perfect 10 having}

{first soccer practicing}


And the fun just keeps coming.

It’s only Tuesday, right?

Best Dressed

Even after last week’s back-to-school shopping fiasco, I decided to challenge myself and take the kids to Marshall’s to look for school shoes.

I’m happy to report, though, that we had a successful outing and came home with these cuties:

Michael Kors (my fave) glittered flats!

She LOVES, loves, loves them and of course so do I.

I’d seen them in pink awhile back, but then discovered the more versatile silver and was thrilled they had them in her size.

Only $19.99!


The creme de la creme…we strolled through the clothing racks and found several gems. She’s currently into the “dress and legging look”. We scored some 2-piece outfits that we both agreed on and some cute little tops to go with her jeans. Oh, and some knee highs….those were a must!

I was tickled that we were able to get this knocked out and that I don’t have to spend my weekend running around town to 5 different places.

She’s happy.

I’m happy.

I didn’t spend a fortune.

This morning we walked up to the school {just about 1/4 mile away} and turned in ALL the paperwork. She is officially enrolled!

Now we’re just waiting for the new big girl backpack to be delivered and we’ll REALLY be ready for kindergarten.

Well, maybe physically, but not mentally……

…my Baby Girl is growing up.